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  1. Ipad 2 32Gb Black Unopened

    Brand new hasnt been opened, won in a video contest. text me at 704-840-7685 for pictures. $490 shipped/insured non-negotiable
  2. Fs: Adidas Busenitz And Nike Janoskis Size 8.5

    could you go ahead and post pictures of the actual shoes
  3. Marsh Creek Jam 2012

    Thanks man!
  4. Marsh Creek Jam 2012

    Contest coverage for a contest held by NC Skate. All proceeds went to A.Skate Foundation (Autism). https://vimeo.com/40446064
  5. Kris Grape

  6. D-slr Buyers Advice Thread

    post how you like that once you get it ive been looking for a good zoom lens for wakeboarding this summer and have been pondering if that is worth saving the 800 extra for the L IS EDIT: and those are some awesome prices your getting
  7. Ipod Touch 16gb

    still bumping this...
  8. Act Of Valor

    free "sneak peek" premiere is playing at 9 across the street from my dorm....probably should go
  9. Wedding Film

    Good luck man. I did a parents friend's wedding when i was like 15, they didn't really care how it turned out (obviously) but i took it so seriously and got so stressed out. Looking back i should've just had more fun with it, but it seemed like a huge deal at the time, first thing someone asked me to film for them
  10. Ipod Touch 16gb

    sitting in my drawer waiting for a buyer
  11. Ipod Touch 16gb

    bump, still up
  12. still waiting for that hat man

  13. Ipod Touch 16gb

  14. Ipod Touch 16gb

    anyone else?