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  1. SB DOM


    altamont panda and mike mo button up right here E
  2. SB DOM

    Sale Thread

    ill buy the polo button up and black vans beanie if you combine prices for cheaper. msg me
  3. hit me up if you have one for sale :goldenwub: paypal ready
  4. SB DOM


    got a brown cliche five panel snapback willing to let go for 15shipped
  5. SB DOM

    Fate Skater Sale Thread

    good guy. sorry for the confusion for you being a scammer. kids LEGIT. ipod is in the condition as he stated. still works in all for only twenty bux. THANKS
  6. SB DOM

    Fate Skater Sale Thread

    u send the ipod out? after reading what was stated above i can only speculate that your a scammer till i get my item. or paypal claim here soon :goldenwub:
  7. SB DOM


    ive worked at the good ole wally world for the past three years making $9.00/hr and just recently started working as a caregiver for a local agency making $12.00/hr under the table. id suggest just trying to get in something you have done before.
  8. SB DOM

    Fate Skater Sale Thread

    payment sent for ipod
  9. SB DOM

    Fate Skater Sale Thread

    will send you $20 right now for the ipod! someone stole my nano in my car and now i dont got a huge list of jams to listen to
  10. SB DOM

    What Should I Do?

    grow up and keep your job. there's always time to skate. you do not work 24/7.
  11. SB DOM

    Huf Hupper Shoes Size 10

  12. SB DOM

    3 Days With A Homie

    wheres that spot at 1:30? have never seen that before
  13. SB DOM

    Huf Hupper Shoes Size 10