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  1. luke e

    Handrail Tribute Video

    did homie break his leg there at 3:07??
  2. luke e

    New Old Stuff

    1 is sexy
  3. luke e

    Front Rock/early Grab

    third one makes me wanna push til I die edit: **wanna die so I can push like that
  4. luke e

    Immense Lower Back Pain

    I've been running a bunch lately and it really helps relax my body. It might not help your back directly, but back injuries are often stress-related and running releases a butt load of tension thru your whole body. Honestly one of the best ways of helping my upper back.. Just run til you're beat then do some simple stretches and you'll feel a ton better.
  5. luke e

    Mitre Plaza.

    what camera? I liked the music/editing for the most part I think it matched the video nicely.
  6. luke e

    Im A Shit Head

  7. luke e

    Another Crook On Film

    despite the on-camera flash, I'm diggin this. Kinda vintage feel
  8. luke e

    Rico Nino

    what is lambea?
  9. luke e

    35mm Portraits

    all three are nice. I like the second the best
  10. thats a weird looking dog
  11. luke e

    Juan Gaviria - Throwaway Part

    mildly entertaining and that manual was gay
  12. luke e


    it kinda looks like he's powersliding uphill
  13. luke e

    Stay Lookin Montage

    the song actually worked pretty well with those clips, who sings that?
  14. luke e

    35mm Superia And Crummy B&w

    third is dreamy
  15. get a rack like in this vid http://fairdalebikes.com/catalog/archive/roger-bike/