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  1. 32rider32

    Beginner Questions

    Not sure if anyone remembers me. Used to post here all the time and help kids. I blow glass now and still snowboard but dont skate. I dont have much time to research i blow glass all day everyday. Need a camera to shoot stills of my glass and also take videos for snowboarding. Got about a G to work with. Any suggestions besidea doing my own research haha i have so little time and frankly ive paid my duea on this website enough
  2. Yall will never know!!! This website helped shape who i am. I wasted countless hours on this site haha. Havent logged in in a few years. I dont even film or skate anymore. I do snowboard. Not tryin to spam but if anyone from back in the day remembers me find me on instagram elzi_glass or facebook at elzi melts !ya i melt glass now. Would love.to stay in contact with a few i may have forgotten over the years. I say i wasted my life onthis site but thank god.for it. Kept me busy filmin and.skatin throughout my childhood and kept me outa trouble and on the right path!!! Thanks to all whove contributed
  3. 32rider32


    http://s18.photobucket.com/user/32rider32/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zpsa65ebb92.jpg.html better updated photo
  4. 32rider32


    haven't posted here in forever but here it goes. I dont skate or film anymore but i do still snowboard and blow glass now so i don't need this. not much to say really. dvx100p has had its wear and tear. the front end was knocked off but repair professionally so there's no issues with it. i no longer have the fisheye i sold it long ago to pay for my car which i no longer have. so ya make me offers and i'll take the highest one. best bet is to text me i never check here.ask for elzi 413 347 1654 comes with looooottttssss of extras! rest assured i have many vouchers i just dont remember who they are or if they're even on this website anymore,
  5. 32rider32

    All Got To Go

    ill grab that ipod for 10 pm me yer paypal
  6. 32rider32

    All Got To Go

    ill grab that ipod for 10 pm me yer paypal
  7. 32rider32

    Iphone 4

    was lookin for 150 it may be sold tomorrow but hmu if u want it
  8. 32rider32

    Iphone 4

    http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b125/32rider32/image_zps4271a98e.jpg. http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b125/32rider32/image_zpsbd98443a.jpg
  9. 32rider32

    Iphone 4

    Picked up an iPhone today to help my buddy move so take it off y hands its an 8 gig works perfect the back is just cracked as of right now I'm thinking about fixing it ad selling it for more. Has been speaker tested microphone tested and headphone jack tested. One picture has a picture of the iPhone showing a different picture of it to show u Internet works. http://s18.photobucket.com/user/32rider32/media/image_zps45c74e6a.jpg.html
  10. 32rider32

    Ipod Nano Touch 16gb

  11. 32rider32

    Ipod Nano Touch 16gb

    ipod nano touch 16gb doesnt have a charger make me offers
  12. pm me ill take this
  13. 32rider32

    Two Ipods

    50 shipped?
  14. 32rider32

    Two Ipods

    pics? how much you want
  15. 32rider32

    Ipod Touch

    if you'lldo 50 ill buy it right now