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  1. chunkyy56

    Front D

    Henry Blanton- Front D San Marcos, TX charliekitchenphotography.com/skateboarding
  2. chunkyy56

    Sp Photodude's Instagrams

  3. chunkyy56

    Frame Building

    Alright I will! I'm going to be out of town this weekend though, so I'll put something together next week.
  4. chunkyy56

    Frame Building

    Ha sorry boys. Yeah I made a miter sled that I use as a 45 degree angle template kind of thing. I can take pics of it when I get home. The black one was the first one I made, so it's a little sketchy. The glass is permanently wedged into a slit that I cut with the table saw. Not the best technique for making a frame, but I sold it to a friend who hopefully won't break it. Anyway, I cut the wood with the jig, then used a corner clamp and glue on each corner. Before gluing the last side of the frame on, I slid the glass in and glued the last two corners. I taped the edges of the glass so I could give it some sanding and painted it. The mats just slides in through the back and is followed by a piece of masonite (or backing board), and these are held in by wire brad nails, or whatever their called. Just little, skinny nails. For the hanging wire, speaker wire is a perfect alternative to wire that's sold as hanging wire. They sell it at Lowes and Home depot for 35 cents/foot, and it's able to be split in half so you get twice the length you paid for! Let me know if any of y'all are interested in a tutorial or something like it. I'm going to build another one soon, so I could document the process.
  5. chunkyy56

    Houston Trip

    Getting slide film processed is not the easiest feat where I live. This roll is from last winter. Some friends and I took a trip to Houston to shoot some photos for my thesis project and ended up staying in a Motel 6 on the sketchiest side of Houston. We blacked out and wreaked havoc. These are all Velvia 100. (Bonus) The rest are on my blog: http://charliekitchenphotography.com/blog/
  6. chunkyy56

    Frame Building

    I figured there should be a thread about framing, so here ya go. I just built these frames this week, and I'm pretty psyched on how they came out, since my only power tool was a scary 50 year old table saw. These were surprisingly easy to build, and took 2-3 hours of labor each, so if you're interested in building your own, GO FOR IT. It's fun. And cheap. Also if you have any knowledge of building frames, contribute.
  7. chunkyy56

    Looking Up

    Bonus wins. The flatness is delightful. The others are a little too cliche for my taste.
  8. chunkyy56

    Does Anyone Else Hate Photography?

    Nice one. I find it weird that we live 40 miles away from each other and I've never heard of you.
  9. chunkyy56

    Does Anyone Else Hate Photography?

    Honestly, thank you all for the refresher. I can't help but get bummed on people these days disgracing the things I love the most and generalizing over a whole group of people. After perusing through some of y'alls flickrs, I feel pretty bad for throwing anyone on here into the same boat. Let me just say that I don't hate photography, I just think it can be shallow at times, but that quality is inherent. I need to remember why I began shooting in the first place. Once again, sorry for hating, photography is great. Thank you.
  10. chunkyy56

    Does Anyone Else Hate Photography?

    First of all, thank you for responding constructively. I don't care that photographers are being praised. What I do care about is photographers who don't think about what they are doing (besides making a photograph look pretty) being praised by people who don't think about what they are looking at. Bottom line, I just feel that people don't think anymore. Call me ignorant but this comes from exposure to the internet and social media (like you said). And I think it's important to understand a medium (ie. mechanics, how it conveys information to the viewer, etc.) before calling yourself "professional". I guess this is impossible now with digital. Sorry for bitching everybody. Guess I just need to accept the world the way it is.
  11. chunkyy56

    Does Anyone Else Hate Photography?

    Damn it...
  12. chunkyy56

    The Large Format Thread

    Yessss. I just made a great discovery last night. Instead of using a loupe for focusing, use a 50mm lens (preferably from a 35mm camera). It's insanely crisp and lets in a lot of light.
  13. chunkyy56

    Warm Ups

    This must be a joke. Please, let this be a joke.
  14. chunkyy56

    The Large Format Thread

    I was afraid of that....