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  1. I lurk around once in awhile.. Joined date - May 1st 2004
  2. 4 years later this topic is still living strong... hows everyone been?
  3. Most of the OG's from 2004/2005
  4. haha im actually trying to sell it. Id rather be in the Evo or mustang. Ive had my fun on that bike, now its time to sell it.
  5. Triad


    haha that saga of Rbones hate was awesome!
  6. not looking to buy shoes here.. lol just trying to get some ideas. before I go shoe shopping in a little bit.. (i wear 12s)
  7. Im looking to buy some new Nikes... I cant decided what to buy. So, I need you guys help. Post some shoe ideas. lol random i know
  8. been busy figured id stop by for a second. Marrage is going good. ty guys for asking. Sup 32rider.. yes i remember you. still snowboard? YES! my posts lives haha 92 pages of cars. love it
  9. yes sir. still married, still lift, just got my personal trainer certification. still got the evo, 03 mustang gt, and my vx1000 lol
  10. Whats up my fellow SP friends. Havent been to this site in a long time! any of the OG's still lurk this place?
  11. Triad

    Mk1 Bayo Lens (vx).

    I've known John for 9 years now. He's one of my best friends. I've bought stuff from him, everything I bought worked great! Johns a really good guy. He's very straight forward. I'd recommend buying from!