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  1. bbrendsvideo

    Ot: Boy Meets World

    thats a lot harder then it sounds.
  2. bbrendsvideo

    Most Famous Spot You Live By

    Fdr, Love park, philadelphia, uhhh kerry getz lives right down the street from me?
  3. bbrendsvideo


    yes, my friend used to smoke them.
  4. bbrendsvideo

    For All You Gum Chewers Out There!

    your trying to sell a mass supply of free samples..?
  5. bbrendsvideo

    Car Audio

    im pretty sure a lot of people care about the peak power.. thats a main selling point on a unit.
  6. bbrendsvideo

    Car Audio

    when your buying head units, look for the watts to each speaker. It usually says something like this; 45x4, 50x4, 55x4, etc. You want to buy the head unit with the most wattage to each speaker (x4), so you get the most power without an amp. And I would recommend the sony Explod series, I have a bunch of their speakers, and they are good quality. I know a lot about car audio, so if anybody needs to know anything pm me or something.
  7. bbrendsvideo

    Anyone Live In

    he tried to trade me a macbook for my setup, I could of told you he was a scammer.
  8. http://www.flickr.com/photos/11051821@N03/2786766111/ '88 bronco II, 5 speed, 4wd. Picked up for 275, needed some work.
  9. bbrendsvideo

    Feeler: Canon 30d, Canon 50mm F1.8 Ii,

    uhmmmm alrighty then.
  10. bbrendsvideo

    Car On Craigslist

    first off, its a scam. second off, why would you go through all this trouble for an eclipse..
  11. bbrendsvideo

    Feeler: Canon 30d, Canon 50mm F1.8 Ii,

    its alll goood man, ill pm you.
  12. bbrendsvideo

    Digital Light Test

  13. bbrendsvideo

    Feeler: Canon 30d, Canon 50mm F1.8 Ii,

    trade didnt go through. throw out some offers on trades and I will consider them. Mostly looking for a mac trade, but ill consider anything.