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  1. ben_ericson


    This actually looks pretty nice. The pocket became much more usable for me once I bought the battery pack mount.
  2. ben_ericson


    I would recommend the Metabones Speed Booster and the Canon 8-15. The Peleng 8mm is an option if you can't afford the Canon lens. Honestly, the pocket is a pain to use for skating but the results can be really nice if you have the time and patience. If you can find a used Eazy Handle, I would buy that. Get an EVF for the back and a wide lens so you can actually get stabile looking footage.
  3. ben_ericson

    How To 4:3 Hd?

    Yeah, that's what I found looked the best. You can also shoot 5D3 RAW and get a nicer image with more dynamic range and detail. I used it for a bunch of this. It was a huge pain and I wouldn't recommend it for anything serious, but it is doable. This is a mix of 5D3/5D3RAW/16mm.
  4. ben_ericson

    Any Dudes Filming With Black Magic?

    Only, "pretty good," in the right scenario. You need enough light to shoot at a high shutter, and solid backgrounds work the best. You can also shoot 30 and run it in a 24p timeline...
  5. ben_ericson

    Any Dudes Filming With Black Magic?

    Okay, just checking, sounded like you thought we were confused, but I guess it was you who didn't understand frame rates and interlaced vs progressive fields. Glad we could bring you up to speed.
  6. ben_ericson

    Any Dudes Filming With Black Magic?

    But Carroll in Fully Flared though.
  7. ben_ericson

    Any Dudes Filming With Black Magic?

    Haha. Who are you writing to, the general public? The black magic can only do progressive 24 and 30.
  8. ben_ericson

    Any Dudes Filming With Black Magic?

    Except you're talking about 60i interlaced... 30p looks awful when put in slow motion. Here is a piece I did with the BMPCC and the Sigma 18-35 f1.8. I used the gh4 for the lines and the 100fps, everything else is the pocket. All shot in Pro Res at 30fps. I wish the pocket could do at least 48fps. https://vimeo.com/110853745
  9. ben_ericson

    Does Anyone Use Grey Cards?

    This all depends what you're shooting on what the situation is. An interview? Yeah, a grey card could be handy. For skateboarding, just white balance for the scene. You can carry a small white card if you need to.
  10. ben_ericson

    Eos-m Fisheye?

    The samyang fisheye is decent at f4 and above. I think Al was talking about the Samyang primes, the 85 1.5, 35 1.4, Etc. Those are lenses that get a ton of praise and are comparable to the canon L series lenses. We can just call them many brand, since 5 or 6 companies sell them under different names. I use a Rokinon 8mm with a speed booster on the GH4 and that setup is PLENTLY sharp, plus the lens is much wider with more distortion because of the crop ratio.
  11. ben_ericson

    Best Website To Learn About Sensor Sizes?

    This is actually really easy to understand. A full size sensor is essentially seeing the entire lens, making focus adjustments more drastic. Actually, this is kind of hard to explain.
  12. ben_ericson

    Rent Your Ez Handle

    I have a feeling he is trying to avoid this. Buy an Opteka X grip and stabilize it.
  13. ben_ericson

    Tamron 17-50vc Sticky Zoom

    Were you kiding? I don't get it. I agree on this. The 24-105 F4 is really good as well. Either way, the IS/OS is critical. Almost impossible. I would say completely impossible... So difficult. You can do snap zooms but that's it.
  14. ben_ericson

    How Do You Get Super 8 Onto The Computer?

    You can do it in Seattle. HD transfer is 50 bucks at lightpress.tv It will cost you 80 total for an HD transfer. The process still has to be done in LA.
  15. ben_ericson

    Beagle's Redirect

    Such a weird comment. You use a vx1000/mk1. Beagle put out one of the best skateboard films of all time. Story/Content over everything. Quit using the word film and producer. It's skateboarding.