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  1. jordan720

    Century Optics Bayo Fisheye DVX

    Interested in a vx1000?
  2. jordan720

    Crook, Kickflip, Lip

    On the kickflip a little more careful metering would have gone a long way. Regarding the ambient light I'd rather have seen deeper shadows and no blown out building, that top left corner of the image is really hot and pulling a lot of attention. As far as the lighting I'm not sure how power full your lights are but backing them up would have given you a more even spread and may have kept his hat/pants/shoes from blowing out as well. Timing is great on it. Crooks is over processed for my taste, and as OGmike said the masking (lack of) is hurting it more. Composition and timing is great though. Lipslide is pretty rock solid but also a little blown on dudes white gear. A little flash metering would tidy that all right up. Nice work
  3. jordan720

    what's up with your website?

    http://www.jwlangdonphoto.com It’s pretty cookie cutter square space but I think I have it sectioned out alright. I should revise it.
  4. I’m really happy the site is alive again. I’ve been so scattered brained trying to find something I actually enjoy shooting with over the last couple years. I got totally spun out down a mirror less rabbit hole ever since I sold my D700 years ago. I can’t get happy with a camera. I haven’t even reallly shot anything that isn’t my kid in the last year and a bit. Been playing more with video. D700, sell everything - A7R, sell everything - pocket cinema camera and a Ricoh gr2 -sell gr2 get LX100 -sell lx100 get gr2 back -sell gr2 get x100s -sell pocket cinema get gh4 -sell gh4 get hacked gh2 -buy dvx100b I’m a mess. The gh2 is on eBay right now. Contemplating getting a hassy again. I’ve basically spent 5 years to hone in on what would have been a heavy kit here 10 years ago hahah. It’s nice to be back.
  5. jordan720

    Spring Clean

    k trying one more go at selling these things before bitting them up. price drop on lumedyne stuff. 6 bills flat takes it all! srsly fucking buy this. bronny setup at $550. once again i want your sb's so offer those in trade too. i am trying to build an army of speedlights.
  6. jordan720

    Spring Clean

    bumping this shit. srsly someone get on this its spring and this is a pretty solid kit
  7. jordan720

    Spring Clean

    Gonna hold off a bit on considering splits cuz it gets to be a pain. same with the lights, i've had a few pms about splitting the one with the longer charge, but i'd rather see those go together. I'll include another spent small battery, lumedyne will reburbish them cheaper than buyin new. Edit: hit me with trade offers of speedlights. the right number of Sb's takes any/all of this.
  8. jordan720

    Spring Clean

    K doing some housekeeping here. 2 lumedyne 200ws 065x packs, 2 heads, 2 small batteries. one battery holds a good charge the other is diminished but still going. no charger, but its cheap, like $30 on b and h. These just like the next gen packs but they don't power down to 25ws, only 200/100/50. durations are 1/750 at 200ws, 1/1500 at 100ws and 1/3000 at 50ws, also same as next gen packs. $700 for both. Bronica sq-a, prism, 120 back, 80mm ps, 150mm s, polaroid back not pictured but included, speed grip also not pictured but included. $600 for everything. nikkor 180mm ais ED, lens is in bargain shape for sure, its missing that little metal tab that interfaces with old F bodies, no big d if you shoot f2 or newer. slight scuffing on rear element but its just the coating. IQ is perf. $400 i doubt anyone would want everything all together, but i'd like to let the lights go as a pair, and not bit up the bronny gear. Id sell the lights and bronny setup together for $1200
  9. jordan720

    Camera Upgrades

  10. jordan720

    Camera Upgrades

    if i still used speedlights (((
  11. jordan720

    Camera Upgrades

    i totally get that. i feel like my eyes are getting worse and i agonize over focus. Ive always been aware of moving and selecting Af points in a grid, but using them to confirm manual focus on ai lenses is news to me. definitely other sports can pose different problems, like team sports or w/e, but with skating i'd like to think i am not reacting when i push the shutter, but anticipating. i fear a burst catching bookending bad frames as opposed to ensuring successful ones. I too am mostly looking to keep my apertures low in hopes to keep shallow depths of field, but beating ambient can monkey wrench that from time to time.
  12. jordan720

    Camera Upgrades

    see now that's an awesome wizblam feature. all my lenses are ai/s and that would be intensely helpful. I'm fully down with new tools, just not robots that do the thinking for me.
  13. jordan720

    Camera Upgrades

    aside from sequences, (and might I add fuck sequences go buy a video camera) who actually shoots skating AF? i know i don't. for me the amount of AF points in a camera is 100% useless. Those are choices i want to make and i'm afforded the time to make them shooting skating. similarly, i don't go bat shit nuts for AE capabilities either since i have time to meter handheld. when i hear things like "you need to be better at predictive location of shots" i'm kinda thinking *facepalm*, that is what shooting skating is. unless you shoot contests running around like a pj, you know where the trick is gonna be, precisely where it's gonna be, focus for it. don't hope your faggy 37th AF spot found the trick. honestly i can think of very few situations i would ever need af in outside of skating. Camera's with slow buffer times are even fine. unless you have 4 friends hustling laps around something you almost always have time, and if you need fps just to catch the single you want, it's time to work on timing. for me the camera decision would be based on the nicest file at normal isos 100-400, the fastest sync speed, and crop or fx. the rest is wizblam shit i dont want to burn my money on. that being said my solution is a d70s for magic powers during the noonday sun and 6x6. spending 2000gs on a camera chalk full of things i don't need makes no sense to me. but thats 100% skate/portrait/landscape influence. if you shoot people coming out of court and punching reporters get that FPS/AF/AE going
  14. jordan720

    Camera Upgrades

    It sounds like you don't understand at all. The 1/200th sync is an issue because it's even less of an ability to control ambient, preventing you from freezing stuff with your flash at that speed in bright situations. assuming your using an sb, the slowest duration of 1/1000 at 1/1 is fast enough to freeze anything at moderate speed, making your durations faster would only make your trouble worse as with any speedlight you'd be powering down thus making it even harder to over power ambient. In any event, max sync speeds are only relevant to people who want to beat ambient in bright situations. I'm assuming you don't shoot skating/anything moving fast with flashes between 12-3pm.
  15. jordan720


    thanks mike!