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  1. still think about you all the time man. thanks for the memories.

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    I miss Derek Gertz. Funny I thought of you almost immediately when I remembered my login, MoneyBucks20!
  3. maybe a Discord server would see more activity?
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    Happy 15th Birthday

    happy bday skateperception! can't believe I remembered my login. lots of good memories here. I've forgotten a lot of the names, but I hope everyone is well and prosperous. probably won't be back soon. I don't skate anymore and have hardly any involvement with the scene... see you again in another 10 years maybe? thanks for the memories. I definitely learned a lot more here than I realized and SP definitely helped shape me creatively and in my ability to take critique on my art. thanks <3
  5. For sale: Sony VX-1000, battery and charger (npf-730h), Apollo Atiba Backpack, Bescor 50/75/100 with battery/charger/extra (no bulbs), and comes with firewire cord and head and lens cleaner. Selling it as a set, looking to get $600. Paypal only. Not willing to split items. Everything pictured is included. Camera is in good working order although it hasn't been used in a few years. The only montage I can find that I made with it is this (2007): Pics: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B_syHZF8K8H3emI0MHNwRFV0bHc - all gear https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B_syHZF8K8H3cjhvdkVXY3ZmbDg - camera https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B_syHZF8K8H3dXVRVXJweFoyREU - camera w/ Bescor https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B_syHZF8K8H3bHFWLWdlVGUteFk - camera on https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B_syHZF8K8H3dDBiRllaVXdrZm8 - camera on through vf Anyone interested or that may have questions please contact me through email at mrdeathy[at]gmail[dot]com or post here and I will check back every couple of days. Thanks for looking!
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    Vx1000 Setup For Sale

    still up for grabs, price stands at $550 shipped if within the US. uploaded a few more (really old) videos:
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    Vx1000 Setup For Sale

    cool, emailed both of you.
  8. minimumwage

    Vx1000 Setup For Sale

    I can if you pay for the shipping.
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    Vx1000 Setup For Sale

    this is a good deal! tell your friends!!
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    Vx1000 Setup For Sale

    bump, any takers? this is a great deal! I need to get this sold... dropping price to 550 shipped if you live in the continental US. hit me up!
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    Vx1000 Setup For Sale

    still up for grabs
  12. minimumwage

    Vx1000 Setup For Sale

    bump y'all, buy this
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    Vx1000 Setup For Sale

    this is still up for grabs!
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    Vx1000 Setup For Sale

    no, I don't have a mk1. I sold it a few years ago.
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    Vx1000 Setup For Sale

    still available.
  16. minimumwage

    Vx1000 Setup For Sale

    I captured on an old JVC.
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    Vx1000 Setup For Sale

    updated, thanks for letting me know. please tell me if there are any other issues! tell your friends!!
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    Random Photo Discussion

    wind it farther
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    Fuck California

    I love living in california.
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    Loss Of Virginity Thread

    man, and to think I'm disgusted by freshman with seniors. wow.
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    Best Cereal Ever

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    First Job, Super Nervous For No Reason.

    no kidding. and yeah it's not bad for washing dishes mostly. after about 3 months at the grocery store in the summer at 5.15 you wouldn't make much more than 2g, if that.