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  1. That was great! Was this supposed to be a channel trailer to get people to follow your social media or something? Not exactly sure what the commercial was advertising.
  2. Hey guys, this website is in need of some organization so I'm going to make a guide for titling posts properly so everyone knows what they are clicking on. The format will be "Topic title - Video type". Below is a guid to follow so you know what category your video palls under. -Promo (A promotional video or trailer for a full skate video or part that is in the works) -Teaser (Same as above but a smaller, more suspenseful version) -Full Part (A single piece of a larger skate video project) -Montage (A compilation of skateboarding footage from various people) -Demo Montage (A montage of a demo you attended and filmed) -Demo Reel (A video highlighting your strengths as a filmmaker compiled into a montage usually used to show potential employers. Does not need to be skateboarding) -Non-Skate Related (A video that has no relation to skateboarding at all. Ex. A commercial you made for a corporate event. A travel vlog. A short film you made for a film festival. Etc.) -Animation (An animation you have made as a part of larger project) Everyone please follow these guides and lets keep this place organized. I will be editing topics to the correct format if it hasn't been done correctly already. Thanks
  3. Culture Pattern - Promo

    Beyond stoked to see that the skate scene is still going strong in Florida. I was scared for a while because everyone I knew and grew up skating with has moved away including myself but now i see there is a whole new generation of kids going for it! Super sick. As for a critique, this is more of a personal preference, so take it or leave it. I reeeeally dislike when i see videos edited onto a 60fps timeline. Playback at 60fps just looks awful to me. The point of having 60fps is for smoother slow motion. If you edit on a 60fps timeline, you basically throw that out the window. 24fps isnt a good frame rate for skating either IMO. Personally, I film in 60fps then edit in 30fps leaving myself with 30 extra frames for smooth slow motion (half speed or 50% slower). Also, blending the Super8 which i can assume is filmed at 18fps with 60fps HD footage looks jarring to me... Otherwise, the actual edit had a good video, filming was good, titles had a nice look and skating was sick! Great job.
  4. just had an idea on how to do it! aaayyyy
  5. Hey everyone, Its safe to assume there are tons of people who have been apart of this site for a long time and have branched out from just filming skating. I'm one of those people. I feel this forum can and should cater to those people as well. That being said, I'll be the first to post some non-skate content. This is a video I was commissioned to cover this huge event where over 1,000 people came together and volunteered their time to give back to the community. They painted schools, houses, did yard work and much more. Here is the recap I made for Potters Cannabis Co. Shot with: RED Epic Dragon, Canon 24-7- F2.8, Canon &0-200 F2.8 Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 This is the first video I've produced completely on my own using a RED so I'm still learning. If you guys have any critiques, have at it, if you just want to say hello, go for it. Interacting with like minded people is what this forum is all about so lets use it to encourage and help one another in everything that we do. Thanks
  6. oh im fried. i misread your description! haha, my bad
  7. haha ok thats 3 people. It wouldn't be until much closer to the end of this year (assuming this SP-reboot stays truckin along for that long)!!!
  8. VX1k - MK1 vignetting aligment

    Sadly there isn't that I'm aware of. Some VX1000's are like that. I used to have one that was perfectly centered and the next one was all to the right and even seemed to be cropped in a bit more. It's luck of the draw I guess.
  9. DUUUUDE! You guys nailed it. So sick to see the scene is still alive in Orlando. So sick you had the ramp to skate the electrical box outside the magic arena or whatever its called. Is that grate still welded down? I havent been in like 5 years at least! haha, great job. I have no complaints at all with the filming, editing, skating or anything! congrats bud. Keep it up
  10. Citi TV Episode 3 - Montage

    Great concept! I like the originality this has. I should say though, it does get a little boring/annoying after the first few street views. Id suggest keeping the theme but trying to utilize the map view in a more interesting way. Maybe dont just simply look around with the cursor on screen or try and compose the angle of the street video or satellite image as if it were a photo! make it visually appealing to watch. Also, I dont think you have to show it for every single spot you skate! pic a general area maybe and show it from a higher vantage point. it gets repetitive and overwhelming. You never want your audience to feel anything other than interest when watching something. If the shot doesnt do that, scrap it. Maybe try using the map as a segue or transition into the clip! Thanks for sharing
  11. LUCY - Promo

    I loved the East Coast vibe this had. The song was sick and fit very well with the VHS b-roll. Looks awesome!
  12. Likkie Wax - Full Video

    Im not sure if it was intentional but the players embedding settings have the video start 1/4 of the way into the video.
  13. a kuute skate park video - Montage

    Good job man! I liked the Lower3rd's you made. As for my critique. In all the fisheye footage the camera seems to wobble alot and I can tell you from experience that its because you aren't holding the camera's handle firmly enough. Try getting a better grip on the handle and holding it tight. It might not work for you but Ive always liked to stick my index finger in front of the support (under the mic) and all my other fingers behind it. Helps when pointing up and keeps the camera stable. Give it a try!
  14. Looks fun! I cant believe there are still working GL2's out there being used for anything at all! haha, that was my first camera... Anyway, I'm not exactly sure how I to critique this other than to say the fisheye filming could use a bit of work. Try using your wrist less when panning. Instead, use your full arm to move the camera. Otherwise id say your lookin good! Keep at it my guy
  15. I think it would be cool to see how much people have progressed their craft after all these years. I don't think the skating wouldn't have to be mind blowing, instead it would be more about the filming seeing as that this is a community of creatives. I know lots of you might not get to be involved in skating as much as way back when but it would be awesome if we could make something to show where we are now. Thoughts?