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  1. Thank you! As for the VO. The homie who i made the video for (the dude in it) did the VO and it tool a MONTH to get that out of him. I tried to coach him through it even because like you said, it sounded like he was reading a script. He was struglling so hard and i dont understand why. Haha so i kind of had no choice but to use the best takes from the 30 recordings he did. He also wanted MORE “fully flared zooms” and i had to convince him to not make me do it. Lol
  2. 4:3 HD - Montage

    looks great! not a fan of the 60p playback but thats just a pet peeve. hd fisheye cropped 4:3 looks so amazing! that camera is a beast
  3. "wander" is a short film about breaking from the norm & finding happiness. "We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us." - Joseph Campbell Produced by: Patrick Bilazzo Directed, Shot & Edited by: David Stoessel Filmed on RED Epic Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  4. Canon GL2 Tips

    still not exactly an answerable question. the quality is what it is. veeeeeeery outdated camera, picture quality is low compared to what is the standard now. audio is pretty awful. only thing i remember is the WB tends to lean toward green so try and compensate by pushing it toward red in the custom preset. I don't recall the verbiage in the menu system but i'm sure you can figure that out. that's about all i got! good luck
  5. Jades - Montage

    fun edit. i didnt understand the wipe transitions. they didnt seem to exist for any reason if that makes sense.the ramped kickflip on the manny was also pretty random. it was all filmed good.
  6. Canon GL2 Tips

    geeeeeez. haha, where did you find a GL2? that was my first camera! what kind of tips are you asking for? its a very broad question.
  7. Great Job! most time i see demo montages filmed by bystanders, they arent very good. this one was great! Volcom dudes are sick. was this HPX170?
  8. song was a full bop but footage looked good! did you add a vignette or is that due to a variable ND? i just wish there was more barrel distortion with the fisheye footage. thats pretty much the only thing that scares me from micro 4/3's. good job!
  9. PUBG

    lets get on some fortnite together! its cross platform so im on a ps4 pro but i can play with yall on PC. player name should be stoessel.
  10. I have created a topic in the montage/promo section. Everyone who is interested pleeeease visit the topic and leave some feedback! Come on by
  11. Hey guys, I have an idea. To help bring SP back to life, I propose we should come together and create something great. We can use social media as our platform to announce the relaunch and tell people who don't already know about SP that the community even exists. Lets get this conversation going. Feel free to contribute any ideas you may have big or small and lets collaborate. Lets bring SP back to its former glory!
  12. Maybe. If ya got a specific idea, you think you could write up a lil script and pm me?