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  1. Film For Sale!

    Sell film.
  2. Random Photo Discussion

    What do I do?
  3. Random Photo Discussion

    Yeah boy! Get at me.
  4. Random Photo Discussion

    I know one of you has got some Leitz glass you want to sell...
  5. Olympus Stylus Epic (mjuii)

    Fucking champ of a camera.
  6. Wondering if anyone check this spot anymore and if anyone wants to sell stuff along the lines of a: Leitz Elmarit 28/2.8 Leitz Summicron 35/2 Leitz Summicron 50/2 Leitz Summicron 90/2 But I'm also interested in other stuff as long as it's LTM or Leica M-Mount. Tryna look hunky here guys...
  7. Konica Hexar Rf

    So wet.
  8. Would be intersted, but park footy.
  9. Random Photo Discussion

    Leicas are just jerk pieces. Buy something that you don't think is "pretty" and worry more about the final results.
  10. Vx1000, Vx2000/2100 Or A Dvx100b?

  11. D00ds

    The world is a weird place.