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  1. zooyork301

    Old Heads Report In

    this place is still alive?
  2. this still exists? thats pretty cool. whats everyone drivin now a days? any honda heads?
  3. thats ill. i have a 98 gsr with type r cams..probably the closest ill ever get.
  4. zooyork301

    Whats Good

    oh and wes i bet it made you feel so good inside taking points away, as if points mean anything to anyone.
  5. zooyork301

    Whats Good

    well i see skatepercetion is still full of faggots who can suck my dick
  6. the 'sup den' video when rise against wasnt a faggot..oh wait
  7. there not black there gun metal grey, and no switching them would ruin the point.
  8. what are you talking about? my honda and all my friends with hondas have reprays, mines milano red. so what were you saying again?
  9. i honestly do not know anyone who has a dsm with a properly working 2nd gear. i have at least 10 friends with 1g and 2g dsms and the syncros are all shot. one had a shep tranny with carbon evo3 1,2,3 syncros and thats still fucked up you drive a fucking mazda, my honda will shit on you in a 1/4 if i started backwards and had to turn around. show me another car that you can make run 10 flats all day for under 10 grand including the price of the car..oh wait, you cant.
  10. pretty sure rise against or andrewc whatever he goes by now is gonna come in and be like 'hey man, you drive an acura which is Japanese so saying fuck jdm doesnt really make any sense because your car is part of the Japanese domestic market!!!!!111'