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    i had to shovel that plus my drive way, i hate shoveling
  3. Chase Majeczky

    Ambition Snowskates True Color

    im bumping this because its winter and it may intrest kids that can't skate due to snoww
  4. Chase Majeczky

    Official Skate Shoes Thread

  5. Chase Majeczky

    Sp Member Nudes Request Thread

    I herd DMT unlocks the gateway to heaven or sum shit
  6. Chase Majeczky

    Ambition Snowskates True Color

    Vans makes a shoe called the ico which is water proof and thinsulated http://www.vanssnow.com/awt_ico_v.php
  7. Chase Majeczky

    Ambition Snowskates True Color

    most of that video is filmed on an hvx, but some of the riders footage was SD so it was compressed to SD.
  8. Chase Majeczky

    Ambition Snowskates True Color

    Vans actually makes a snowskate shoe thats insulated and water resistant, they also have an ankle gaitor that keeps any snow out of the shoe itself. My feet come out soaked from sweat cause those things are so warm Ambition is based out of Sherbrooke, Quebec. And yeah snowskating is deffinatly not the easiest sport to learn but one you get use to riding and get started learning tricks it all goes from there. I'm stoked your gonna buy one! Get an Ambition and support the growth of the sport! haha we usually go to Waynesboro park and im sure this year were gonna go to york park so i guess hit me up on aol if you really wanna try the sport!
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    Actual is 800 holy shit haha
  10. True Color This is what the sport has needed since day one. The new team is pushing the limits of the sport for sure. Take a look at that video and try to watch the whole thing or if you dont have the time atleast go to 28:16 and watch Phil Smages part cause its crazy.
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    what the fuck
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    The Official Berrics Thread

    last 2 tricks were retarded idk how anyone can say that sucked