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  1. signed up summer of 2007, as i see. i'm happy that skateperception is back, because others might get the opportunity to learn some stuff as i did. Learning more about features of the camera, filming skateboarding and work with cameras in general. This site was very useful back then for me. Cheers!
  2. chrisysk8

    Youth Gone Wild Part 2..009 Trailer

    Nice one.. Perfect editing...!
  3. This is the link to the intro of the video, but there is the whole video on utube.. Oh.. and this is my part.. hehe
  4. chrisysk8


    Ok!! so now...8 months later i am thinking of gettin my vx1000e fixed and get back to action.... So is it still the same price(about 150-300) ... and is it the same to fix for Pal vx1000e and ntsc vx1000 ?? And i am from cyprus.. Is there any problem?
  5. http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff117/c...ysk8/vxmou1.jpg http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff117/c...ysk8/vxmou2.jpg Here is the camera
  6. chrisysk8

    Cyprus Promo..

    Watch and tell me your opinion...btw it's an independent video for friends... the footage is filmed with vx1000e and raynox...sry for the youtube but anw btw the song is from a greek band Trypes which means holes
  7. here is a foto of the camera http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?...imageID=8973457
  8. chrisysk8

    Youth Going Wild Tour Teaser

    Crazy!!Nice editing and filming...the artistic shots were great..Gamato t trailer...When will the video be ready?