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  1. The Worst Kickflip Style Of All Time

    Kind of looked sick actually.
  2. Yo

    Are you trying to snag that milf still?
  3. Life-ish?

    It's really just like any other shitty job, but not too bad. I worked there through high school.
  4. Gooby Pls

    Jesus fucking Christ?
  5. https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRAKoor6lbdUA9qtwjOnpwEsjIGuqnv3W7ezfekPrcZ1yPCIGns
  6. If your credit load isn't insane, and you're not working and you pay attention in class and actively do your homework, you probably won't have any homework on the weekends. At least until you get to some harder upper level classes, even then, if you stay on top of things you won't have much. So that's like all weekend to skate. And you could definitely squeeze in around one or two hours(probably even more some days) on weekdays if you have don't have the time wasting vices that are TV and internet. But keep in mind there will be times when it seems like everything is due at once or you have like three tests in one week.
  7. Engineering school is a great choice but you will need to be smart with your time to balance regular skating in. Totally possible though. Not sure what field you're looking to go into, but my advice is to do your research and find what you think you'd enjoy most. Reach out to professors or people in the field to see if you really like what you chose. It really won't affect you if you change majors the first or second semester. I switched after my first and then again after my third and it's added 2 years onto a 4 year degree. So yeah, don't do that.
  8. Sp

    I was running thru SP wit my woes
  9. Custom Shirts, Etc.

    Cool, that's not bad. Thanks for the info. I might PM you in the near future for more info.
  10. Custom Shirts, Etc.

    What's the cost to screen print 24 shirts (the minimum) with one color? I couldn't find the prices, and I'm sure it depends on the type of shirts, but ballpark estimate would be cool. I like to draw and lately have been thinking of making some shirts for fun.