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  1. Hey guys, I have a Canon EF 35mm F/2 for sale. Great lens, I've just replaced it with a 35L. I would like $280shipped for it.
  2. Have a Nikon SB-26 in good condition and working order. Looking to get $50 shipped for it.
  3. I have two pairs of shoes for sale. The Janoskis have been worn 2-3 times max. The busenitz about 3-5 times. Both are way to small and I dont know what I was thinking when I bought them. I'm broke so I need money not looking for trades. I am located in portland oregon if anyone wants to come pick em up I'll sell em for less. Otherwise I'd like 50 shipped for each. I'll cut you a deal if you want both pairs too. I have the boxes for both. Here are two pictures fromt he webz to show the colorways. I can send you real pictures if interested.
  4. wolfknight

    Fs: Nikon & Olympus Cameras/lenses

    Yup. How does $75 shipped sound?
  5. wolfknight

    Fs: Nikon & Olympus Cameras/lenses

    How about $1,000 shipped and I'll include a sd card. These body's are $1,200 new. And mine is clean low actuations(I don't have the actual number) And I have the box and everything for it.
  6. wolfknight

    Fs: Nikon & Olympus Cameras/lenses

    Make offers guys!
  7. Hey, I have a bunch of stuff. -Nikon D7000 dslr body, EXCELLENT condition. comes with box, strap, cables, manuals, cd etc.. I'll even include a sd card. -Nikon 35ti p&s, works great but I misplaced the battery cover -Nikon FM silver body -Nikon 35mm f2.8 MF lens -Nikon 28mm f2.8 AF lens -Olympus OM-1 silver body -Olympus 50mm f1.8 lens -Olympus 28mm f3.5 lens -Olympus XA2 w/ flash MAKE OFFERS!!! PM if you are interested in anything, I can email/text you pictures
  8. Haha, I should state then that I didn't come close to reading this whole thread...
  9. wolfknight

    Purchasing A Dslr

    d7000 is a pretty decent camera actually although the body new is $1200... Now, I happen to have a basically brand new one that I am looking to sell possibly(or trade for a OG 5d... HIT ME UP).
  10. wolfknight


    That is a rather minor upgrade honestly. And I can't imagine the d40 is going to depreciate a whole lot more. It might be more wise to just hold onto the camera, and save up for an even better camera and sell the d40 later on to fund a new lens or something.
  11. Hahaha. I guess so! We did make kickstarter thing or w.e to help fund our senior show/book. NO THANKS
  12. I think you guys should just battle it out via more online chess games, and other shit such as pictionary, scrabble, billiards, and poker. That seems like a much better what to prove who is "better" as that is clearly all this is about. Arguing about who's member number is lower or who is more intelligent(which appears to be based almost entirely on ones use of punctuation and general knowledge of grammar)goes nowhere. Where as if you guys played a bunch of different games and the results were posted here on AAG... that seems like a whole lote more fun for the people sitting on the sidelines like myself and the rest of SP for that matter. Whose with me? BATTLE ROYAL!!!
  13. Bump. There seems to be some interest in the 28! So... As for the other lens The manual focus 35mm f2.8 AI that is also up for grabs. I also have a Nikon FM body that I'd be willing to sell. As well as some olympus stuff(OM-1 body, 50mm 1.8, 28mm 3.5).