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  2. I wrote this brief guide featuring a review of the three main ultraportable laptops we are going to be seeing this year. These are compared against the Asus Eee Pc. http://skateass.com/wordpress/ultra-portab...aptops-of-2008/
  3. many people do. especially if you are promoting a business of some sort, and your main form advertising is coming from youtube.
  4. I found this when searching for youtube optimization. This guy goes pretty in depth on how to get more vidoes views. Helped me. Check it out. Oh haha, he used my nollie bigspin trick tip video in his blog post called 'nollie bigspin trick tip' shit, im special haha. anyway, its worth the read. http://glustick.blogspot.com/2008/08/incre...view-count.html
  5. exhaledbreath

    Easy Way To Get Better Youtube Quality

    Ah thanks. I was looking for this.
  6. exhaledbreath

    Switch Ollie A Hydrant

    ah, really liked the lighting. Pretty good photo, in my opinion.
  7. kewl. thats a hell of lot of folders though.
  8. exhaledbreath

    Title Effect

    awesome work man.
  9. exhaledbreath

    How To Defend Yourself And Your Camera....

    Great article, truely truely great.