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  1. consam90

    Post Your Setup!

    Dell XPS Laptop judt got it yesterday, im so stoaked
  2. consam90


    i just need some vouches because he wants to sell me a mint mkI for 350 so just post if hes legit [b][/b]Edit: FORGET THAT NOT TRYIN TO GET SCAMMED
  3. so my gl2 got stloen a the skatepark and im omly gonna get like 750-800 dollars so if anybody can sell me a cheap working vx that would be great
  4. consam90

    Need A Vx1k

    what stuff comes with vx and what condition is the vx in
  5. consam90

    New Camera Time

    that is right on point, plus you don't have to worry about the oldness with an hv20 unlike the vx1k
  6. consam90

    Need A Vx1k

    sounds good what it would come with and conditition would be nice
  7. consam90

    Need A Vx1k

    trashmore never should of brought it that day
  8. consam90

    Need A Vx1k

    i might but money is reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllly tight so i doubt it
  9. consam90

    Need A Vx1k

    i doubt im gonna get a vx with brand new for 800 but thanks anyway
  10. http://www.post22.com/11/thrills-abridged
  11. consam90

    Vx 1000 Vrs Canon Gl2

    if you white balance something blue it gives you golen colors on a GL2
  12. Help me out this things mint so let me know if we can work out a trade, and i will throw in my raynox (unmodded) the life long battery cracked and it only has half life but it still lasts about 2 to three hours and a full charge
  13. consam90

    Raynox ,vx1000

    Is it true that you need a bayoring for a raynox to fit on a 1000?
  14. sick just keep me updadted Gl2 3 Batts the long life is carcked but still lasts about two to three hours and a charger
  15. ya I just got back from there I was sitting next Carlos Luna
  16. he's right help me get a v
  17. if you get it fixed I ll prolly add some cash
  18. Some one trade me a godamn vx
  19. as in like ok............... i might do it but if you get it fixed you don't have to add that much just like $50 and thats it