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  1. I believe I had to send it to a Sony Center in Utrecht.
  2. Payment is only through Paypal.
  3. Hey everyone, long time no see. Hope everyone is well and that some of the old heads are still around. The time has finally come to sell my trusty VX. So many sessions of skating into the summer evening were filmed with this camera. With this camera leaves a part of me. It's not in the best cosmetic condition, but the vital functions are still there. Check out the ebay ad, all the details. Bidding starts at 1 euro so it's perfect for someone who wants to takes his first big step up to the next level. Sony DCR-VX1000E
  4. Thanks man I found it with that map. If anyone wants to know its leading to the football field behind: Heinrich-von-Stephan-Oberschuleā€ˇ Neues Ufer 06 10553 Berlin, Deutschland
  5. Hey everyone, long time no see. I'm looking for a sick spot in Berlin but I don't know whereabouts it could be. Its bunch of small bumps in a row made out of black concrete. You can see the spot here at 4:12 : http://vimeo.com/13329480 If qnyone knows the street name or even an area that would be great, I couldnt find anything on Google. Happy to see the forum is still prospering. Peace, Laurence
  6. GrandMan

    Portfolio Critique

    Hey ho, I'm looking for some tough love for my portfolio. http://laurencecc.carbonmade.com Thanks :goldenwub:
  7. Hey everyone, long time no see, Selling a hard to find 0.6x Century Optics Wide angle, bayonet mount, for VX1000. They only sell 0.65x nowadays. This thing is in mint condition with original packaging, caps etc. Useful for extra-skateboarding filming: documentaries, short films, interviews where you want a wide angle but no major distortion etc. Make me a good offer or this babys going on ebay.
  8. Which bank is it? It must have been huge if it beat the nollie heel nose revert. Or was their a best trick competition out of the heats? Thanks for the reply
  9. GrandMan

    Fine Skate Clips Thread

    Sewa Kroetkov This guy is amazing. I saw him at a competition yesterday and he blew everyone away. I saw him do a game of skate and he had every trick on lock, sw bs 360 kick/heelflips, same in nollie, fs, all the hardflip revert variations you can imagine, fs 360 kickflips every try. Incredible.
  10. Did anyone here stay till the end of the Area Slam and hear the results? Did the guy who threw down the double 360 flip down the 3 block and nollie heel noseslide 270 out win?
  11. Heyyyyyy. I'm just wonderin when are u able to post again after posting priviledges being taken? caues i guess i was bumpin a lot and now i cant post =(. I didn't get a warning PM or anythin. thanks.