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  1. Random Photo Discussion

    Call the cops. Only solution.
  2. Random Photo Discussion

    He get some decent angles for you?
  3. Random Photo Discussion

    You scan em?
  4. Random Photo Discussion

    Cameras are dead. It's all about woodblock prints from video stills.
  5. Random Photo Discussion

    T4 was probably their best body. The leathereatte is gonna be fucked in most cases though.
  6. Random Photo Discussion

    Sweet, same price they're selling the one at school for. Might try to see if I can get them to cut me a deal on it and flip it. Or hook and SP bro up if anyone wants it.
  7. Random Photo Discussion

    If you don't mind me asking. How much did you pick the fish up for?
  8. Random Photo Discussion

    Pretty sure our school is selling one that they're pulling from the rotation. Coulda hooked you up... maybe.
  9. Random Photo Discussion

    Scratch off what you can, then take some white vinegar to that shit. Should be good to go after that.
  10. Random Photo Discussion

    Honestly you likely won't see a ton of difference in tones, but 160 will have less grain.
  11. Random Photo Discussion

    You do know they make Portra 160 right?
  12. Random Photo Discussion

    Have the whole CC since I pay for it through the school, but also have CS6 and I end up using it more often because theres really no difference at all.
  13. Random Photo Discussion

    The way I've always looked at it, you don't need to push Portra 400, but theres also no reason not to other than an extra buck or so a roll if you're not processing it yourself, and you'll get slightly better results.
  14. Random Photo Discussion

    Nah, I got rid of a lot of random photo paraphernalia, but didn't cut down on the overall amount of cameras. I think I'm at a good spot with at least the majority of all the ones I have now serving a pretty specific look or shooting style. Right now just kind of swapping out pieces. Been shooting mainly digital so I'm likely going to get rid of my T2i for a 5D soon as well. Chicago's been good. Spending most of my time between the Loop and home just getting work done. Hopefully I'll get a bit more exploring done when the break starts up. Not too stoked about the sudden hit of cold though. Spent two hours shooting out by the lake yesterday and had to stop because I could feel my finger firing the shutter anymore.
  15. Random Photo Discussion

    Ha! I'm not THAT irresponsible. Copped it on the cheap. $500 shipped. My school has lenses too so I'll probably just pick up a 65mm and borrow theirs whenever I need something different.