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  2. Yeah, whats your email, i can send it to you
  3. Yeah this is true, I didn't mind elaborating the details for you though. But the film in total took about 1 month to write, 3 months for pre-production. We shot it all in 3 days, each day was about 5 hours long. Then this editing process has been about 2 solid months. My crew was a total of about 18 people, including myself. But on average there were about 15 people on the set, because i had a couple people fill in positions temporarily, like my audio recordist was sick the first day. If you check out the credits in the film, you can see the full crew list, and what roles i had assigned. Although i had a fairly large crew, every piece of pre-production was done by myself, such as shot lists - storyboards - lighting set ups and schematics - set design. Im pretty anal about making sure everything follows my vision, so i busted my ass on documents covering every job and what needed to be done. But the other reason i worked so hard on it was because the two weeks before my shoot, it was spring vacation, and not a single person responded their emails. so i was forced to do it all myself, but really i wanted to. lol.
  4. Thanks, i appreciate your input. I did have a lot more variety, but when i used the variety, it seemed to kill the emotion of the film, but that was because they were like wide angle close ups and other funky shots, but i like the extreme close up idea, that i do not have coverage of. And yeah i did have footage of his home showing he's in the middle of no where, but as i went through drafts of this film i realized it was an unnecessary addition to the film that, if you get it, then great, but if not, then its whatever. But when i used some shots of the house, it felt like spoon feeding that information and not only that, cutting to a shot of the house was very hard to make it feel motivated, and it was just awkward. So i decided to always stay inside the house when mark is in there, and for the camera never to leave a close area from him. And i do wish i could have moved in closer with the close ups on the stairs like you mentioned, its just the only other wider shots i got were shitty OTS's. the lighting was off, and the shot just didn't fit, At that point when were filming, we ran out of time to put in good lighting and time into the OTS's so i kinda ended up not using them besides for twice. But thanks for the critique, i appreciate it, and im glad you enjoyed it. It was a good learning experience if anything. As i progress ill be sure to focus on things like the issues you've pointed out.
  5. Yeah, the lighting was mostly naturally lit. But we used ARRI 1.2K HMI's and punched them through the windows in the home to get more light on his face and bounce in the room. We also used ARRI StudioCools sometimes. Oh and for the bathroom scene we used ARRI 150w, 300w, and 650w tungsten lgihts. Oh and we also used the ARRI HMI's outside in the scene where they are talking on the stairs. But again, most of this was naturally lit, all the lights we used were mostly used as a fill, and touch up stuff. And yes the actor Nik did have experience, like i said above, i go to an arts boarding school, so as a film major i get to cast people from our theatre department. And i do need to upload a better quality version, I did upload one onto exposure room, but the compression was still not full quality. Ill upload the full un-compressed file soon and ill be sure to post it when its up. thanks! Oh and yeah, i really do need a professional adapter. Mine is cool and all, but it does kinda blow at getting sharp images... Too bad im completely broke :goldenwub:
  6. Yeah, its a boarding high school specially focused on the arts. Its basically college for kids who know what they want to do art wise early in life.
  7. Check out my 3-part tutorial on how to build a 35mm adapter. The adapter i show you how to build is the exact same adapter i used this film (InBloom) Link: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=B3C1A473F44879C6
  8. Yo Skateperception, This is a film I directed myself at Interlochen High School Arts Academy for my junior year. It took me about 4 months to prepare, 3 days to shoot, and 2 months to edit. Its been the biggest film ive ever pulled together. I have to thank everyone involved in my crew and department at interlochen for the amazing job that did in order to make this film possible. Here is a short synopsis: Mark lives isolated in his home tucked into the woods in order to deal with his severe case of OCD. His living standards have corrupted him to the point where Mark must escape, so he relies on his disorder one last time to determine the day in which he can save himself. The film was shot on my Panasonic DVX-100b with my home built 35mm adapter. Dylanger Bates shot the piece and did an amazing job with adapting to the controls and techniques of filming with the adapter, and I want to note how thankful i am. Furthermore, all the music was given to me with the legal rights to use it in my film. Thanks to Korey Dane and Mogwai, they were very gracious in allowing me to use theyre music. Other scoring, and sound effects (like the first 45 secs of film) were composed by myself with various sound effects from the BBC sound effects library. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the film, my apologies for being late on the expected release, it was very hard for me to finally allow myself to export the film and call it quits on trying to fix every issue i had with it. In my mind, it wont ever be finished, but i hope its good enough! UPDATE: HIGH QUALITY VERSION NOW AVAILABLE - - - JUST CLICK THE IMAGE also if you would like to download it, just PM me and you can do it through exposuroom. Any suggestions / critiques are welcome!
  9. skategriggs

    Loaded Spring

    This is a kinda disconnected addition my "loaded____(insert season)___" series. Considering there is no intro or linked connection between the other series, but its whatever. This is more of a fun day skating with the crew while i was home for spring break. Were definitely excelling at our riding, so as time goes by, future videos should be looked forward to. Plus my new camera 35mm adapter is still being perfected and i am still adjusting to the editing workflow with final cut. But once these things are fixed up, the new loaded summer should be very epic. Anyway enjoy the fun video. Further Details: Music: "Marina Gasolina" by Bonde Do Role Camera: Panasonic DVX-100b Editing Software: Final Cut Pro Computer: Mac Book Pro Lenses: (all MD minolta mount) 17mm f/3.5 - 28mm f/2.0 - 50mm f/1.4 - 85mm f/2 - 135mm f/2.8 - 200mm f/3.3 Riding by: Julien Fleming, Joe Dunn, and i'm in a couple shots Filming and Editing by: Me (Steve Griggs) Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLq3_y1fB8w Here is a link to a FULL STREAMING QUALITY link on ExposureRoom. http://exposureroom.com/968141073142402f96117b65f907b7fa/ ENJOY!!!
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    Post Yourself Shooting

  11. skategriggs

    Your Dream Film Setup

    HVX + Cinemek G35 adapter With Arri superspeed lenses: 18mm F1.2 25mm F1.2 50mm F1.2 85mm F1.2 135mm F1.4 And an Arri Light Kit Also a sachtler tripod and Arri support rods and a matte box ... Yep thats the dream.
  12. skategriggs

    How To Build A Vibrating 35inch Vibrator

    Ok lemmi clear some stuff up for you guys. First off. For a smaller threaded camera, use a smaller achromat. I think they make ones that are about 43mm or something. I know they have good ones for HV20's. And even though you have a smaller camera, this DOES NOT mean you shouldn't use an achromat. Even though some of you may find you dont need it, achromats do more than just allow the camera to focus closer. They will help eliminate vignette from the focusing screen and also eliminate distortion. Also, with an achromat, you dont need to zoom as far to fill up the frame with the focusing screen, so you will loose less light, with the less zooming that is needed. SO by all means, go with an achromat. Next thing is lemmi explain exactly what a vibrating adapter does. Ya so, basically on the focusing screen that your camera films are hundreds of spots that make up grain. This grain is there because the screen is made up to diffuse light in order to project an image onto a plane. Its impossible to find a focusing screen that has no grain, so the vibrating motor moves the screen left, right, up, and down at an extremely fast rate, so when your camera films it, all the grain is blurred because it is moving to quickly to catch the details on the screen. But this does not change the actual image you record because the image is always still, but the screen is not. So its not like your image is shaking, only the plane on which its projected is shaking. (I hope that’s not too confusing) Basically all you need to know is that a vibrating a adapter will produce cleaner images that don’t produce dusty or grainy images. And for those wondering if there is a smaller GG holder, then YES. The same guy i got my 72mm vibrating GG holder, you can get smaller ones too. The smallest you can get is around 57mm. And for these you use an asian extension tube. Check out his site for more details on building an adapter with this design. http://www.jetsetmodels.info/tutorials.htm Heres an HV20 set up off his website: http://www.jetsetmodels.info/pics/hv20_achromat_tubes.jpg Thanks guys for being interested in this thread. Continue to ask any questions that you'd like, sorry im not that fast at posting back, im more on snowperception in the winter, so i dont check my skateperception as much. But please continue to ask away, and PM if you'd like a quicker responce
  13. skategriggs

    How To Build A Vibrating 35inch Vibrator

    yes exactly^ kids look up your terms Shallow / Thin depth of field means the area between the focused object / subject and the background is extreme and things go out of focus quicker. Deep depth of feild means basically more or everything is in focus. like a fisheye