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  1. UGTproductions

    Rip Jdk

    This is Justin's Mom. thanks for the kind words. Justin was one of the kindest, compassionate human beings. Talented and could have done so much more. Glad to see he had friends all over that were touched by him. Maureen Kacillas
  2. UGTproductions

    Rokinon 8mm Ef Mount

    What he said ^, get at me about the 50mm/flash
  3. UGTproductions

    Newspaper Fun

    My grandfather gave me a garbage bag full of old newspapers that he held on to over the years. The oldest ones date back to the original Pearl Harbor attack reports. This is the result of a fun little shoot i had with them. Back to the future. by Jdk., on Flickr Pearl Harbor by Jdk., on Flickr Kennedy by Jdk., on Flickr
  4. UGTproductions

    Epson 4490

    I'm confused. why does OG post say $35+ship? Does this have the slide to scan negs?
  5. UGTproductions

    Western Digital My Passport 500gb

    Title says it all. Paid around $120 for it, will sell for $40 shipped. Works great. If seriously interested, PM for pictures. Thanks!
  6. UGTproductions

    Man Overboard

    My friends at Redwood Art Space asked me to take photos at a gig on Thursday for a pop-punk band "Man Overboard". Sorry for the heavy noise. I dumped using flashes recently and had to shoot at a way high iso. Man Overboard by Jdk., on Flickr Man Overboard by Jdk., on Flickr Man Overboard by Jdk., on Flickr
  7. UGTproductions

    Fs Feebs & Fs 5050

    Kenny / Fs Feeble by Jdk., on Flickr Kenny / Fs 50-50 by Jdk., on Flickr C&C.
  8. UGTproductions

    Stray Cat

    Horny Kitten by Jdk., on Flickr Cat Mobile by Jdk., on Flickr Nothing special. Just felt like popping my head out and posting something.
  9. UGTproductions

    Rokinon 8mm Ef Mount

    Never ended up selling this due to being back and forth out of state during a death in the family. Joey9 was interested but hasn't gotten back to me yet. I'll let this go for $150 paypal due to it collecting dust and me needed to pay off my heat bill. Hit me up!
  10. UGTproductions


    Honestly, i shot many frames with a looser comp and the end result was much worse than these tight compositions. The backgrounds were very busy and took much attention away from the skater. I'll try to post them later to give you guys somewhat of an idea of what i was working with. Thanks for the input guys! I appreciate it good or bad.
  11. UGTproductions


    bump. please.
  12. UGTproductions


    I added this photo in as a bonus to my last post but wanted to shine some light on it (no pun intended) and get some c & c on it. I would have loved to have a third flash to make him pop a little more. Kenny / Bs Crooked Kenny / Bs Crooked by Jdk., on Flickr Kenny / Bs Nosegrind Pop Out Kenny / Bs Nosegrind by Jdk., on Flickr It was super cold out, otherwise i would of asked him to take his black hoody off which kind of was against my efforts in both of these.