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  1. Chris Hupman

    Call Of Duty 4 A Lotta Booty

    i dont know what is lamer, no scoping, or saying stuff like this: [quote name='sidekick' post='3213292' date='Jul 27 2009, 01:19 AM']no scoping was cool like 2 years ago when it started, now its just gay[/quote]
  2. Chris Hupman

    Xbox 360 Ring Of Death

    if the xbox is no longer under warranty, microsoft should have no obligation to fix it. and if you cook your xbox in a towel, it could affect other components. there is always that possibility. the towel trick is lazy. i dont understand why people dont just get up and send it away, right away. you're gonna do it anyways.
  3. Chris Hupman

    Xbox 360 Ring Of Death

    the reason why the towel trick works is because your xbox continues to heat up as it gets used, the towel holds all the heat in and the wires/connections expand and reach each other again. regardless of what anyone says i would never do it. it could ruin other components of the xbox forever. ones that microsoft will not replace
  4. Chris Hupman

    Employee Of The Month (2006)

    nice quote. it doesnt exist in this thread.
  5. Chris Hupman


    the lowest score i have ever seen this game get is a 9.5 (or 95%), and it has gotten many perfect scores. you really should get this game, a demo does it no justice.
  6. Chris Hupman


    its only like 20 bucks now, maybe 30, cause its a greatest hit or whatever they call them.
  7. Chris Hupman


    bioshock is definitely my favorite offline xbox game. i adore everything about it.
  8. Chris Hupman

    Call Of Duty 4 A Lotta Booty

    [quote name='D1ce--K' post='3081588' date='May 4 2009, 04:24 AM']cant believe people actually still play this game this game is busted. 119-9 on shipment last time i played. 56 kill streak. fuck cod[/quote] i bet you are a massive prick in real life
  9. Chris Hupman


    not sure how ps3 works but this definitely does not work on xbox, i have tried it. they wont allow you to use downloaded content if that profile isnt currently active on that particular console (not signed in, but active). i feel comfortable saying sony also has protection against this.
  10. Chris Hupman

    Help Me Please

    towel is a bad idea. its not a "fix", it fucks it up even worse. send it in, stop whining.
  11. Chris Hupman

    Old Cod Mw2/old Cod Bo Threads

    cod4 hasnt gotten old for me yet, 20 days of gameplay later.
  12. Chris Hupman

    Bioshock 2 Gameplay

  13. Chris Hupman

    Old Cod Mw2/old Cod Bo Threads

    sequel pressure is on bigtime this year. half life 2 episode 3 is slated to drop this year, along with bioshock 2 and CODMW2. alot of game developers sweating this year, im thinking.
  14. Chris Hupman

    Old Cod Mw2/old Cod Bo Threads

    there is a much better chance that they will fuck this up rather than make it better than cod4, but we'll see...
  15. Chris Hupman

    The Bicycle Thread

    wow is this some fucking hipster fad going on or WHAT?