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  1. i developed my first roll of bw today and like half of the roll came out good and developed but the other half was just blank or like not fully developed in some parts... i'm pretty positive this is because i didn't put the film on the reel good enough on the dark.. like the film must have been touching itself i have a steel tank and steel reel, any tips on getting the film on the reel without the film getting caught up in itself (35mm by the way, for now) the roll i messed up wasn't too important but i want the ones i'm about to develop to come out decente
  2. goofman

    Problem With Pictures

    post a picture of this "problem" without a flash, because if it's what i think you said it's like without a flash which would be the picture is just evenly dark well then your problem is your shutter speed for both problems for the example picture you posted you exceeded your x-sync (like everyone above said), and if the second picture without the flash is just dark, then your shutter is too fast for that scene (or your aperture isn't open enough or ISO isn't high enough, bunch of combinations you can work with) sorry if i didn't make sense just post a picture of the other problem without the flash
  3. goofman

    Pocket Wizard Rebate

    sweet, glad i waited till after xmas unless this was going on before?
  4. goofman


    hahahah thanks for the example it could for sure be the ingredients in the cream i use but i got a really comfy close shave with it like the second time i used it my blades are sharp, like i said, i only shave with the same blade two or three times, if that i tried disposable once but no luck, but i have read they are the sharpest for the first shave, i also don't like wasting all that plastic i was talking to my brother because he has to shave every day for his job and he shaves with and then against, but he says he barely pushes, he just puts the blade on enough so that it's touching but doesn't push anymore than that, i push pretty hard i guess, i'll give it a go in a few days maybe i'll get a cream without alcohol or something?
  5. goofman


    well yea i shave every few days like 3 or 4, 5 or 6 if i don't care and i'm feeling it but i think you're right about showering, i always never showered and then shaved, it was always shave and then shower and i think that might work better for me but i've been showering first lately to try to mix it up in hopes to fix the problem, i just hate the feel of irritation as soon as i start shaving where i feel like i've shaved the same spot 500 times in 1 minute, i don't get it
  6. how i feel like i do everything right when i shave, i take a shower first, wash my face, get out of shower dry off, lather face up with shaving cream (put on warm water under that) and shave with a 4 blade schick quatro, i go with the grain and then against in smooth strokes, sometimes i just go against but that hurts when i get to the beard part of my face really bad and i feel like even if i wait a week, and then shave, as soon as i start shaving i just feel my skin getting irritated and it just goes downhill from there, i start getting cuts and shit i've had like 5 shaves total out of the few years i've been shaving where i really felt comfortable while shaving and everything feels smooth no cuts no burn no nothing, why can't i get that shave every few days? i only shave with the same blade like 3 times max usually twice or once but they're ridiculously expensive
  7. goofman

    I Am Rubber, You Are Glue.

    yea i like this one
  8. goofman

    Ive Come To Realise Something

    yea whenever i think about this stuff or talk about it with someone i always end up getting too deep and end with "you could consider everything art" or "it's all relative" because thats just the way i view things, so to get over this melodramatic (new vocab i learned) i just live life as it comes and as Turk from scrubs says, "i do what i do because i do what i do"
  9. goofman

    Bronica Shutter Death

    well i don't know what the problem could be maybe a sticky shutter.. was the red light going on and off real quick when the exposure was done>? and how did your pictures come out? i assume all overexposed?
  10. goofman


    to add on about the manual focusing, for most of the time (this is where you need to judge for yourself) you can set the fish to manual focus and move the focus ring to infinity, and this will let everything be in focus thats more than roughly maybe 3-4 feet in front of you, at least thats how it is for my tokina.. obviously if you're closer you'll have to manual focus at something other than infinity and also with my fisheye i usually close my aperture down to like 7.1 or higher, lower if i'm struggling with something but i try to stay 7.1 or above for: one to cut back on CA sometimes, two so i get sharper results (talking fisheye here).. you need to up your flash power too then if you want to keep ambient light the same if you stop down your lens
  11. goofman

    150mm S Vs 150mm Ps

    yea the shutter is in the lenses for bronica sq-a's (and probably the rest but can't say with certainty) ... the shutter speed is just electronically controlled from the body, but the shutter goes off in the lens
  12. goofman

    Question On Published Photos.

    yea i can't imagine setting of the pdubs and flashes to fake em out, only because i fuckiong hate replacing flash batteries
  13. goofman

    Whats A Good/inexpensive Sequence Camera

    scan the negatives (or prints but thats shit for several reason, you lose clarity and if you really are going to get prints all the time that shit is expensive, and you can scan more negatives that prints (at the same time) with most scanners you should read up more just search this shit on google
  14. goofman

    Friends' Opinions On Film Vs. Digital

    DAMN SUBLIMINAL SHIT MAN yea just give in! no i can shoot with one or two kids who can respect the film and digital equally, anyone else who bitches though can bitch all they want
  15. goofman

    Whats A Good/inexpensive Sequence Camera

    chances are, unless you use magic powers neither will a "sequence camera" and i'm not even a hater on sequences! but that statement seemed out of place