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  1. clemsausage

    Heads? Ribbon Cable?

    Yes I did Kerry, thanks. Wanted to see if anyone else has seen this problem.
  2. At first we thought it was the ribbon cable, then i suppose we ruled that out because it showed up on the tape too. motherboard maybe?
  3. clemsausage

    Sony 10/20 Hvl-20dw2

    Looking to buy a Sony HVL-20DW2 with battery(ies) and charger. I don't come on here often, so it's best to email me: clemsausage@yahoo.com not interested in your LED/bescor/frezzi, only this light.
  4. clemsausage

    Wtb: Mk1

    bump on this, got money now.
  5. clemsausage

    Wtb: Mk1

    hey VX1media, email me if you haven't already. I may be able to buy by the end of the week. clemsausage@yahoo.com
  6. clemsausage

    Wtb: Mk1

    for a friggin vx1000. I dont know what I'm doing anymore. sell me one. email me: clemsausage@yahoo.com
  7. Gilbert is going to have a new part in his local shop's new video Old Dominion. Check out the site for the video and follow it for daily photo/video updates. You can pre-order the DVD too. http://olddominionvideo.com/
  8. clemsausage

    Best Batteries For On-camera Led Lights?

    I just picked up one of these: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/863687-REG/GiSTEQ_C8_03_F198C_01_Flashmate_F_198C_LED_Video.html and who has a link to the DVXuser batteries?
  9. clemsausage

    Best Batteries For On-camera Led Lights?

    I've been going the rechargeable eneloop AA route for a while, but even those die quick. I guess I need to get a sony NP battery, but when I search ebay/amazon I see so many off-brand batteries that I am hesistant to order. Does anyone have experience with any of the off brands? or do they just get genuine sony brand batteries. chargers too? off brand or sony route?
  10. Sup dudes, been a while since I been around these parts, but figured I'd throw up the promo for my new video Late Night Losers for y'all to peep. http://www.recording...the-dude-behind <3 Clem insta: @clemsausage & @recordingsofboardings http://www.recordingsofboardings.com http://www.vimeo.com/clemsausage
  11. clemsausage

    Wtb: T-Shirts

    here are a few more brands I wouldn't mind: habitat, DQM, ripndip, RAW, eswic, MIA, theories of atlantis, elwood, cliche, palace, indy. I'm a mid twenties skateboarder/filmer living on the east coast, you can pretty much guess what I'm into. worst I'll say is no.
  12. clemsausage

    Wtb: T-Shirts

    I've checked the threads on this page and don't see much I like. Looking for semi-new shirts or new shirts(within the past few years). Don't try to sell me your 6 year old enjoi/zero/girl shirts. looking for: huf, quiet life, adidas, rvca, altamont, 5boro, traffic, workshop, blvd, brixton, chocolate, fourstar, girl, gravis, habitati, insight, indy, skate mental, krooked, loser machine, slave, shake junt, poler, bonham, palace, cliche, dqm, RAW, etc. (23 year old skateboarder/filmer from the east coast, you can figure it out) or something along those lines. MEDIUM ONLY. can't trust: "its a small but fits like a medium"
  13. Richmond, Virginia's very own Trent Hazelwood has been official announced as the next AM addition to the 1031 Skateboards team with this welcome video.
  14. With the growing amount of skate videos and clips being released on the internet I felt the need to make a blog that weeded out the best clips from the 100's that go up on skate media sites daily. There is a heavy emphasis on clips from the east coast because it is where I am from and what I love. I've had the blog going for over a year now and have already posted over 1,000 videos. I am welcome to feedback and video clips suggestions for the blog. Thanks, Clem http://www.recordingsofboardings.com/ http://www.facebook.com/rbfeed