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  1. rom1

    The Filming Netjiot

    i know it's been talked about years ago, but i couldn't find it in the forums. how do you clean the playback buttons on the vx ? even after cleaning it with white vinegar, it's still a bit sticky thanks a lot !
  2. this is pretty weird. i used every version of premiere pro since 6.0 (before CS and CC), and never got that problem ... check on your effects if there is no warp stabilizer. also what version are you using ? premiere pro or elements ? i feel FCP was better at some tim but now that it's FCP X it sucks. FCP 7.0 was good but is outdated now. adobe premiere pro was late but got really improved. give it a chance !
  3. follow 'skamoe's rules, and when you import the file in adobe encore, make sure it says "do not transcode" in front of your footage) if it doesn't work, a tiny bit of blur, or grain should help a bit on the aliased footage, then export angain and put in in adobe encore. still, there's not much you can do. mkII sucks for that, also make sure when you shoot with the mkII, the sharpness is set to the lowest level.
  4. rom1

    Gh4 + Speedbooster Nikon + Samyang 8mm

    allright some new test stuff : gh4 12-35mm 2.8 speedbooster nikon + samyang 8mm fisheye (some defished in post) everything filmed in 4k except the ducks 1080p 96fps
  5. rom1

    Gh4 + Speedbooster Nikon + Samyang 8mm

    allright here is a first test. no fancy grading, just contrast. no good skating. just a test. slow mo is 1080p. real speed is 4k downconverted to 1080 in post. obviously i need to find a way to attach my mic somewhere else too.
  6. rom1

    Gh4 + Speedbooster Nikon + Samyang 8mm

    I test it this weekend if the weather is with us.
  7. rom1

    Gh4 + Speedbooster Nikon + Samyang 8mm

    TonyZ, I completely follow you on that. Canon 8-15mm seems great anyway, and i think speedbooster developping a model for canon with control of the aperture. It has been announced for BMCC and I hope it will be for MFT too. I come from a vx1000 background and even wider vx2100+mk1. I like the vigneting of the vx1000, and vigneting in 4/3 in general. but i dont l'ike it in 16/9. personal taste. Also here we are talking about the nikon mount samyang 8mm, for aps-c + speedbooster, not the 7.5mm for MFT. I tested both on one of my first posts, and sure the 7.5mm is not wide. GH4 (4K) + Rokinon/samyang 7.5mm : http://www.romainbat...res/rokinon.png GH4 (4K) + Speedbooster nikon G + Samyang 8mm nikon mount (new series) : http://www.romainbat...ter_samyang.png I used the samyang and peleng 8mm on a 7d before (which seems to be the same glass, lens hood making the difference for the flares), and this setup (gh4 + speedbooster + samyang 8mm nikon mount) seems to be just a touch wider in 1080p, lees in 4k for sure.
  8. rom1

    Gh4 + Speedbooster Nikon + Samyang 8mm

    Allright, I just bought it and ran a few more tests. The setup : http://www.romainbatard.fr/autres/gh4_samyang.jpg GH4 + Speedbooster nikon + samyang 8mm in 4K mode : http://www.romainbatard.fr/autres/samyang_4k.png GH4 + Speedbooster nikon + samyang 8mm in 1080p mode : http://www.romainbatard.fr/autres/samyang_1080.png GH4 + Speedbooster nikon + samyang 8mm in photo mode with sun shade : http://www.romainbatard.fr/autres/samyang_photo_w_shade.jpg GH4 + Speedbooster nikon + samyang 8mm in photo mode without sun shade : http://www.romainbatard.fr/autres/samyang_photo_wo_shade.jpg I think it's a go to if you're willing to use it in 1080p and 4k. Maybe there is a better option if you're willing to use only 4K.
  9. rom1

    Gh4 + Speedbooster Nikon + Samyang 8mm

    Allright, I just come back from the store where i tested it out quickly, nothing really accurate. GH4 (4K) + Rokinon : http://www.romainbatard.fr/autres/rokinon.png GH4 (4K) + Speedbooster nikon G + Samyang 8mm (new series) : http://www.romainbatard.fr/autres/speedbooster_samyang.png I also looked at both lenses in 1080p, there's no vignetting. There might be a few vignetting in photo mode with the speedbooster + samyang. So as you can see, it's more effective with the speedbooster and samyang, which I'm gonna buy tomorrow.
  10. rom1

    Gh4 + Speedbooster Nikon + Samyang 8mm

    and what about using those king of spacers to see more of the image circle of the fisheye on gh4 filming in 4k ? (with of the rokinon) http://www.amazon.com/Macro-Extension-Micro-Thirds-Cameras/dp/B005EARB0S
  11. rom1

    Gh4 + Speedbooster Nikon + Samyang 8mm

    Thank you for your answers. i used to film on a samyang 8mm on a 7d. i'm looking for the same fov while filming in 4k. i'm going to a shop tonight and im gonna do a few tests before buying one of the lenses (rokinon 7.5, or nikon samyang 8mm). I'll share it here for sure.
  12. rom1

    Gh4 + Speedbooster Nikon + Samyang 8mm

    oh yeah is it the same field of view ? it doesn't seem that fishy
  13. Hey, I was wondering if any of you tried the combo GH4 + Speedbooster Nikon + Samyang 8mm ? Any feedback ? is it ok ? what about vigneting ? Thanks by advance
  14. rom1

    Looking For That Look

    Allright, i found the fisheye trick on the internet. thanks a lot to everyone and especially @anthonymast3rson
  15. rom1

    Looking For That Look

    from what i can see on the internet, the tokina 11-16 is far from that extreme look ... any other option ?