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  1. bustin jeiber

  2. the oddesey idk if you know it
  3. if you having truck problems i feel bad 4 u son
  4. i didnt say any of that bra. i said 2 parts sucked thats it. pretty good for a transworld video. and im telling him to buy it because i bought it and i give no fuck. have fun living in texas.
  5. get your moms faggot bitch internet paying ass to get over there give you her credit card number and shut the fuck up
  6. mass

    Vx1000/mk1 Weird Focus Problem..?

    oh yeah. and that shot went in and out of focus slightly.
  7. mass

    Vx1000/mk1 Weird Focus Problem..?

    yeah you didnt have auto exposure on there
  8. mass

    Vx1000/mk1 Weird Focus Problem..?

    probably cause it wasnt that drastic of an exposure change, you only notice it alot when it is.
  9. mass

    Vx1000/mk1 Weird Focus Problem..?

    you have auto exposure on which is changing the f stop which changes the way the focus has to be. turn on manual exposure, just keep it around f5.6 and manually focus it.