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  1. BulletPimp

    In N Out

    I would lik som handburger
  2. Folks who tend to care more about oil are generally the folks who don't know how to change their own oil. Hope this helps
  3. BulletPimp

    Dipping Tobacco

    Ye sometimes it's cool cuz why would you wanna not have a buzz when your choices are have a buzz or not have a buzz you choose a buzz every time. I mean if being totally fucked up is a choice then you will select being totally fucked up but sometimes you can't be totally fucked like when I'm playing in my men's league hockey ill like to have a buzz but I can't be out there with my eyes rolling in the back of my head with the coke and alcohol in my blood but ya little tobacco will put you in a nice place an like I said what's the point of being sober it's for the birds
  4. BulletPimp

    Valentines Niggaz

    i didn't mean to quote the child speaking to his microphone
  5. You should be fulfilling ur gf and then other girls too whenever u get the chance That's how u fulfill the most.
  6. BulletPimp

    Do You Ever Just

    Spend ur life worrying about girls see how far you get. It won't be as far as I would send ur dumb cheating gf if I hit her walking across the street in my lift kit RAM2500 loser see how overwhelmed she gets then
  7. BulletPimp

    Am I Getting Ripped Off?

    Ppl still buy vx1? They were discontinued before most of you were born. Is it just to be cool? Bren the audio is so good. Shut up with enough gumption I could describe a line better than you could capture it with a vx1.
  8. I take a snaochat of me burning hair off my leg and send to the boys. They like it but next week I have to elevate. Next week ball hair
  9. BulletPimp

    Rat On Bikers?

    tell him the jerk store called and that they are running out of him
  10. BulletPimp

    New Years Resolutions?

    my resolution is to have a bigger dick and do more cocaine
  11. BulletPimp

    New Years Resolutions?

    THE octopus in ur avi reminds me of myself
  12. i have a side basket thing on my bicycle, that's for groceries tho i put my skateboard up my ass
  13. BulletPimp

    Sp Confusion

    the only two people on this site are people bulletpimp has called a faggot, peole bulletpimp hasn't called a faggot and my gay step father
  14. BulletPimp

    Thanks Steve Laclair.

    gatlyngun's grandfather also invented the gatlyngun... this is why gatlyngun nicknamed himself gatlyngun - to reflect the firepower. very powerful.