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  1. phototaker

    Nikon D70

    I had a Nikon D70 and a sigma fisheye along with a bag and two other lenses about a year ago, my family had some sketch friend over at our house that slept in my bed while I wasn't home, apparently the sketchball raided my closet and stole all my shit. I didn't have time to figure out where the guy went with it either, he disappeared after that... I put out a report, but who knows what pawn shop halfway across the world it's in now. I guess I should have brought it with me to the dorm room that night, but at the same time, I didn't want some drunken roommate stumbling over my shit and crushing it either, so I don't know what to think...anyway trials and tribulations aside... Anyone want to sell a Nikon D70 anytime soon?
  2. I have a pair of just simple zooms and they have held up great. I think this is kind of a personal preference. Because I remember when I was younger some kids always wanted really padded shoes, like those bulky fuckers, and some kids wanted really thin shoes so they could "feel the board." Of course there are in betweens, but I think it just depends on what is comfortable for you while you are skating. I had some dunks, and it seems like you can't really go wrong with them, but then again, these zooms are holding up really good, I don't have any complaints. But what do I know...
  3. phototaker

    Stimulus Spring 2010

    that was put together well. I liked the font a lot too, i know that is something small to consider, but it helped make it even better. nice job.
  4. phototaker

    Eden Prairie, Mn

    that wasn't bad, i liked the 360 the best... that song was tight hahaha.
  5. compelling, and rich, in every way possible.
  6. phototaker

    Barca Guide

    damn barcelona looks so freakin fun.