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  1. seth..skate..rat

    Filmer Footage

    bump nothin
  2. seth..skate..rat

    Filmer Footage

    this is footage from me skateboarding about 2 years ago. just got ahold of it. Vx1000 century optics setup for this film.
  3. seth..skate..rat

    Any Of You Guys Have A Steam Account?

    smokinpurp420 CSS
  4. seth..skate..rat

    Atl Georgia

    I filmed this a week ago i believe, and had a blast visiting old friends from ATL i havent seen in a while. This is just a park montage, filming is done with a vx2000, and a regular old raynox fisheye. qritique if you want, and as far as the editing goes, i have WMM so i can get pretty lazy when it comes to editing, but i like the way most the filming turned out. thanks, seth.
  5. seth..skate..rat

    Great Condition Vx1000 Raymod Setup

    vx2000? just got fully repaired, plus cash? pm me, if intrested. i am forsure
  6. seth..skate..rat


    nismo duh
  7. seth..skate..rat

    Fs: Records

    ill take.. so far. Both dirt stylez, madlib, dj shadow, how much for these? condition? and ill buy pretty much anything off ninja tune records, def jux records, stones throw, ya know any shit like that. just let me know about those i want though Edit: sorry for all the jumble, and would you do any trades on records? if not cash is fine with me.
  8. seth..skate..rat

    Fs: Records

    would you mind listing a few of the break beat/sample records, like some of the samples on them or something man. and got any miles davis, gang starr, q bert, anything like that. might not be specific enough, but just let me know whats up. thanks man. seth
  9. seth..skate..rat

    180 Nosegrind

    dassit? im honestly very pleased with the framing of this photo. and im acutually going back for a reshoot
  10. seth..skate..rat


    where you at nanarac i know your out there
  11. seth..skate..rat

    180 Nosegrind

    http://i55.tinypic.com/2pqn80x.jpg Skater: Logan Khidekel Camera: t2i I'm pretty sure this was a land. The sky is blown out and there is a little motion blur. i wish i could have had a flash underneath of him. please critique. thanks edit: this was within the first ten minutes of using this camera to shoot photos
  12. seth..skate..rat


    i miss having a vx1000. sadness
  13. seth..skate..rat

    Real Hip-hip

    these are in no order, but gangstarr is probally one of the best yet. Gang Starr DJ cam Madlib J dilla Mf doom anything on ninja tune/stones throw/gallactic butt hair records dj q bert eric b and rakim Guru dj premo wu-tang clan outkast jeru tha damaja mos def de la soul mobb deep public enemy kool keith Del dan the automator blockhead
  14. seth..skate..rat

    Save 'es Footwear!

    I don't think so man. I know i have been backing up 'es for years, since menikmati day's and im pretty sure theres alot of people just like myself doing the same. If you start skating accels or at least had one pair of K3's then im sure you know what im talking about.
  15. seth..skate..rat

    Save 'es Footwear!

    bump edit: fuck some etnies