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  1. Amazon offers cloud computing services too. They have a lot of stuff. I have microsoft one drive through school and my desktop has windows 10 but I haven't bothered figuring out how to get it to sync correctly. I'm sure it's inanely complicated like everything micorsoft related. Plus I typically need unix based stuff for science stuff so I don't think that will sync with one drive from linux or osx. I think I'm going to get a big external and keep it in my lab, that way both buildings would have to burn down in order for me to lose everything. Heard only one horror story of a PhD student losing all his work due to data issues. Plus one drive just runs constantly and shits up my computer in general so I deleted it.
  2. Indonesia

    Yeah I'm highly confused as to the orientation of the landscape in the first one. That sign on the right is especially off putting. For some reason I though I was looking down a cliff. Other two came out great too. I also think the second could use some more blacks. Just a bit less detail recovery or brightness increases in the shadows. Or possibly the lens flare kind of washed stuff out?
  3. 2meta4me plz post more underwater stuff.
  4. :wub:

    But what about goldenwub?
  5. Random Photo Discussion

    Now we just need tunebomb, andrew, hsi, MFtimmy, peteh... Alright those last two would be a stretch.
  6. Bump to Bar Ollie

    I hate things in the foreground so my only gripe is the car hood. Otherwise your one flash seems fine, it's unfortunate that he cast a shadow on his face but what can you do. That landing looks awful.
  7. Random Photo Discussion

    Reddit is just a big circle jerk of internet culture and the voting system encourages people to feel very self important when they get votes. That drives their posting habits to post only things they think will make them more popular. I very rarely read reddit, it's only to figure out how to do things because the voting system does keep the shitposting down a minimum so it's easy to find help with lots of obscure things. I guess the real question is what size of a camera she wants to carry around. I'm sure something like this is a good camera but you could easily get something used with a bigger sensor for that price. Plus if she plans to shoot in raw, there's no way a phone will like fuji raws. But the fuji phone app/cameras convert raws to jpegs and the jpegs are pretty good anyway. I had an x20 and wasn't particularly thrilled with it but I quite like my XE2 now, the sensor is much better, I'm thinking of getting an XE3 or XPro2 eventually. Nikon is supposed to announce some possibly retro styled mirrorless camera soon though.
  8. Backside Air - Roof Quarterpipe

    The only weird thing is that you can't see the quarter pipe. Thank god everyone stopped wearing all black.
  9. How to save skateboarding magazines

    Whatever it is, it's gotta be more than operating an instagram. I would imagine it costs more than operating a website too.
  10. Random Photo Discussion

    Usually typing her name or adorama was enough to summon her so we'll see what happens I guess. I've been wondering what happened to all the people here, like if there was somewhere else online where everyone gathered but guess that problem is solved so long as people come back.
  11. The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

    @jsf0320 for me. I haven't posted too much lately but SP returning has got me super stoked on trying to get more photo stuff done.
  12. SP LIVES

    I did take a bunch of them until a dart ended up in that rectangle but 100% luck that it ended up in such a nice spot in the rectangle.
  13. Goose Chase In Northern Washington

    Second one really gets the point of "a shitload of geese in one spot" across.
  14. you're undead to me

    Digging them, but I've always been a dkn fan.