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  1. kid

    Lettuce discuss: ogmike the MVP

    Saw an insta clip of it and recognized it but I didn't know who shot the photo. Congrats.
  2. Nah SP definitely was great. But there's skateboarding reddit now. I don't go there but I'll check right now, there's 154k subscribers to it. Granted, you couldn't be goob over there, you'd break their hugbox.
  3. kid

    Bump to Bar FS 180

    I think lighting that bush is a necessary side effect of lighting the landing, given his lighting place. I see what's going on but to me, it was initially confusing as to what direction he was traveling. If you thought this was just an ollie, then it looks like he's going left and out of the frame. But that doesn't make sense given the runup and where he's looking. If it were from the side more, it would be more obvious where exactly he is in the air.
  4. kid

    b/s tail by the river

    That might help, the picture is slightly noisy in general though. I don't know that you really gain anything by doing the ghosting thing. If anything, it might increase skater separation from the background if you didn't do it. His bright shirt helps with that though.
  5. kid

    land on my face

    I got nothing for you in terms of critique, you did a good job. Did you move after taking this?
  6. kid

    Random Photo Discussion

    Perhaps everyone doesn't know it's back. Also since it was gone, people probably just lost habit of checking SP. SP wasn't gone that long but the internet is way different than when it was here. Facebook isn't as popular with younger kids because it's straight adware and populated by their parents and millennials, they all moved to instagram and snapchat since they can escape their parents there. Reddit is the only forum people use, though I think it's a hugbox and circlejerk. But think about the result of asking skateboarding reddit (I've never actually been to it) to come here instead, they'd say no because they can get their skateboarding and other stuff in one spot. Not that I think an SP insta would be useful, though remember how we used to have the tumblr? Also scootering is apparently the cool thing anyway. Plus most of us are different now. I've known of SP since 2006, joined in 2007, that was 12 years ago, most of us were in middle/high school and some college. It's actually strange, I'm 26 now and I've known of SP for 12 years, that's one year short of half my life. Now most people are older and out of school, apparently a lot of you in coding jobs. I'm a molecular genetics/biochemistry PhD student, so that occupies a lot of my time and doesn't really lend itself to photography. Though I did just buy an XT2, which I love. I'm glad SP is back, but it came back in a weird time. Some kind irony posting an insta clip but skateboarders are fucking ridiculous now
  7. kid

    Frontside Flip

    I hate that sign. Especially the fact that it has words on it. I assume that's your flash on the right too? That's not so bad, I find the sign way more distracting.
  8. kid

    I became a slide film whore

    I mean, I've (and likely everyone else here) been a fan of your bronica stuff since 2006 or whenever I started looking at SP and whenever you started posting. I basically bought a bronica because of your stuff These are no exception. Been following you on insta and looks you get to travel to a bunch of cool places. Also slide film for life. If I still had my bronica I'd exclusively shoot E100VS but they don't make it anymore so provia would be next choice no question.
  9. Oh wow I haven't thought of those names in forever. I remember riseagainst and bulletpimp and all that.
  10. These are just a few, there's some more on my flickr. I just got a Fuji XT2 and love it. These were all with that, and a canon fd 135mm f/3.5, except the last one which was the fuji 18-55. Old meets new, an F22 Raptor and a P51 Mustang. It's challenging to show the actual distance between these two. They're not on top of each other but they were very close for planes.
  11. kid

    something from back then

    Great timing on the second one. First one is a typical shot for skateboarders but I like yours.
  12. kid

    Random Photo Discussion

    I bought an Fuji X-T2 on sunday. I've gone through 2 other digi cams since selling my bronica and wasn't entirely satisfied by either of them, mostly in image quality. This is easily the first camera I've enjoyed from start to end since my bronica. Granted I miss my bronica but films expensive now.
  13. kid

    Random Photo Discussion

    Everything boils down to insta nowadays. Sometimes I question why bother using a dedicated camera instead of a phone if everyone only views photos on phones.
  14. kid

    Threat Level Awesome

    Second one is really nice. The first doesn't do it for me and for whatever reason, I hate things in the foreground so neither does the third.
  15. kid

    Random Photo Discussion

    idk that sounds kind of steep for 10 years past expiration date and not in the cold. 18 rolls of 120 is like $97. BH doesn't have 220 so I can't compare that price.