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  1. optimusprime411

    Dvx100B Opteka

    no trades need cash
  2. optimusprime411

    Canon 5D Body (Mark I)

  3. optimusprime411

    Dvx100B Opteka

    bump i need this gone
  4. optimusprime411

    Canon 5D Body (Mark I)

    NOT 5d mark 2 Could use a sensor cleaning. No lowballs need money for car Pm if interested with offer
  5. optimusprime411

    Dvx100B Opteka

    The focus and zoom rings don't work but you can get around it easily otherwise works great, good for night footy. I have a Sony light too. Pic upon request, works fine I jus no longer need it I use 7d now. I got 3 batteries for DVX and 2 for light. Chargers, 4extra Sony prems, cap cam. Errythang you need to start filming.
  6. optimusprime411

    Back To Schoool Sale Mad Clothesss

    lemmie get that spam tye dye
  7. optimusprime411

    Selling Griptape

    would u do this for longboard grip tape? cause i break boards too much to spend 13 on grip but i def would put it on a longboard
  8. optimusprime411

    Some Pictures Of My Girlfriend

    bump 4 jesus
  9. optimusprime411


    im really feeling the second one. fist one you need darker shadows
  10. optimusprime411


    a bit too, abstract for me
  11. optimusprime411

    Sony Vx2000, Mk1, Tapes, Scared Bayo

    dvx opteka trade?
  12. optimusprime411

    Greet Death

    great lighting, i jsut wish second diddent look so posed
  13. optimusprime411

    Some Pictures Of My Girlfriend

    what about a ugly black circle? thats how it came out of panorama software, i couldent crop without looseing buildings but i might be able to crop it then clonestamp the white out
  14. optimusprime411

    Some Pictures Of My Girlfriend

    SIYK san francisco panoramic[LARGE] self portrait constructive crit obvs appreciated
  15. optimusprime411

    Old Couple Morning Light

    nothing bad i can possibly say about this. you hit the nail on the head, good work.