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  1. thrasher789


    white balance off a slightly blue off white for more red colors (and vice versa)
  2. Thats a really dope paint job, hope you found a good buyer
  3. Looks like you've changed it and removed some of the blue background, I think the new look is good, retro and simplistic. Easy for clients to see what you've worked on and after seeing portfolio work see an impressive client list.
  4. thrasher789


    love this one, the reflection on the second ledge is super dope too
  5. thrasher789


    Looks awesome and great spot. I wish we could see a little more of skaters face and front though it's hard to know exactly how he's going to pop it each time. Also the trees up front are a little blown out but I know it's hard to get proper exposure for all parts of the photo when light is hitting different portions separately.
  6. thrasher789

    gap wall ride

    agreed, having skater in right third line of the photo would be dope exposure and timing very good though nice photo
  7. thrasher789


    OP is either the OG VXSups or knows his SP history
  8. Interested in set of: ES black/red Diamond Ace SF Fourstar circle shirt Not good at making offers, at least give me a ballpark of what you are wanting and we can go from there.
  9. thrasher789


    Like them both. Yeah there is alot of dark space in the first one but sometimes it's nice to see a photo that just really showcases the skateboarding.
  10. thrasher789


    I think I agree. Cool idea but very hard to see the skateboarding which takes a little bit away from the effect.
  11. thrasher789

    Might Fuck Around And Get A Photo

    Love photos that show raw street surroundings, very cool, and gnarly spot.
  12. thrasher789

    Fs Feeble

    Focus less on the rail being "natural" or not guys. We are still allowed to take photos at skateparks and get proper critiques on the form and technique. Composition wise it's actually pretty cool. Rule of thirds in play and nice timing with sun in background. That said it doesn't capture the trick very well because as another user said it could easily be mistaken for a back lip or something else. Overall I like it though.
  13. #creepy #stalker #weirdo #creep #radiohead I honestly don't care, hence me deleting my post Your cheesecake factory thread is hilarious though so I'll give you props for that
  14. thrasher789

    Deep Shit Going Through My Head.

    Universe is not infinite, in fact it's expanding rapidly into nothingness or other universes that scientists are still trying to understand. Even if the universe were infinite that does not mean that a clone planet is a certainty or even likely. As for the issue of money, gold/silver/ect. are relatively worthless to begin with so in some ways people have always been pulling money out of nowhere. It does help to have a physical object backing our money but there are a ton of issues with this anyway.
  15. thrasher789

    How Old Is Everyone?

    24, still not as old as Laclair so it's all good