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    white balance off a slightly blue off white for more red colors (and vice versa)
  2. Thats a really dope paint job, hope you found a good buyer
  3. Looks like you've changed it and removed some of the blue background, I think the new look is good, retro and simplistic. Easy for clients to see what you've worked on and after seeing portfolio work see an impressive client list.
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    love this one, the reflection on the second ledge is super dope too
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    Looks awesome and great spot. I wish we could see a little more of skaters face and front though it's hard to know exactly how he's going to pop it each time. Also the trees up front are a little blown out but I know it's hard to get proper exposure for all parts of the photo when light is hitting different portions separately.
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    gap wall ride

    agreed, having skater in right third line of the photo would be dope exposure and timing very good though nice photo
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    OP is either the OG VXSups or knows his SP history
  8. Interested in set of: ES black/red Diamond Ace SF Fourstar circle shirt Not good at making offers, at least give me a ballpark of what you are wanting and we can go from there.
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    Like them both. Yeah there is alot of dark space in the first one but sometimes it's nice to see a photo that just really showcases the skateboarding.
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    I think I agree. Cool idea but very hard to see the skateboarding which takes a little bit away from the effect.
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    Might Fuck Around And Get A Photo

    Love photos that show raw street surroundings, very cool, and gnarly spot.
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    Fs Feeble

    Focus less on the rail being "natural" or not guys. We are still allowed to take photos at skateparks and get proper critiques on the form and technique. Composition wise it's actually pretty cool. Rule of thirds in play and nice timing with sun in background. That said it doesn't capture the trick very well because as another user said it could easily be mistaken for a back lip or something else. Overall I like it though.
  13. #creepy #stalker #weirdo #creep #radiohead I honestly don't care, hence me deleting my post Your cheesecake factory thread is hilarious though so I'll give you props for that
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    Deep Shit Going Through My Head.

    Universe is not infinite, in fact it's expanding rapidly into nothingness or other universes that scientists are still trying to understand. Even if the universe were infinite that does not mean that a clone planet is a certainty or even likely. As for the issue of money, gold/silver/ect. are relatively worthless to begin with so in some ways people have always been pulling money out of nowhere. It does help to have a physical object backing our money but there are a ton of issues with this anyway.
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    How Old Is Everyone?

    24, still not as old as Laclair so it's all good
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    Always Sunny

    No doubt, one of my favs.
  17. Ok I'm not sure if OP is trolling or not but absolutely under no circumstances should you be considering "butt-chugging". I can't believe I'm dignifying this post with a response but it is dangerous on top of being ludicrous and unnecessary. Your stomach and intestines do some of the synthesis of alcohol which is skipped when you introduce it straight to the blood stream, increasing the chance of overdose by a ton. On top of how dangerous it is it's completely unnessary, if you found that you feel the need to be drunk either pre-game or sneak off to do your mixing. Noone would think buttchugging was cool by any means and it's practically unheard of in the real world. edit: also even without experience on the subject I can almost assure you it would be much more uncomfortable to have a 40%+ alcoholic doused item holding contact with certain regions than just taking a few shots and getting over the taste double edit: didn't notice who wrote OP
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    4 Years Down

    Tack on yet another year!
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    Skateboard Rumors/Confirmed Rumors

    To be fair at the time it seemed pretty true.
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    Why Do Juggalos Waste Faygo?

    Woop Wooooooop
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    Fisheye Rundown

    alright, i've noticed that everytime i come in this thread i see zillions of new members trying to find out what fisheye they should get for their camera...thought i'd quickly make a basic rundown of what goes with what and maybe cut down on the questions... first off you need to know the difference between a fisheye and a wide angle, i see this alot, kids saying they will get a wide angle to film skating, overall it can be a good thing but it is not nearly as neccessary as a fisheye. a wide angle only pulls the poing of view of your camera compared to a fisheye which does the same, much much more than a wide angle, AND ususally has barrell distortion causing tricks to look bigger, rails longer, and you the better filming. in general a wideangle wont usually be used to film lines but they are nice to have if you like shooting long lens and you can just barely not get further away becasue they will not barrell distort and they will look like normal long lens shots for the first part, so pretty much wideangle wont' get far enough for filming lines so you'll prolly wanna go with a fish first. alright, first thing you need to do is look at the front of your camera and find a circle O with a cross \ thru it. look at the number right next to it and that is your lens threads size, on alot of 1 chippers its 37, on the vx1k i belive its 52 and on the vx2k and 2100 its 58 but look and see to make sure so you don't buy a lens that wont' fit on for the 1 chippers, if you lens mounts are 37mm the best lens possible you can get is the century baby death, its about 350 bux or you can lurk the SP classified or ebay and try to get it cheaper, its as wide as a century normal death mk2 and with some spacers can be even wider, you wont' lose any quality with a century lens becasue they are made out of some crystal glass formula, but you will pay for it in dollars, they are much more expensive than your alternatives, some much cheaper alternatives, the companies you'll most wanna look at are raynox and kenko, look up lenses by them on adorama and see if they are your thread size, there will be some, such as the clip on raynox i bieve it is called the q303 or something around that so look for that but you can't go wrong with a kenko .43, i never owned that set up but i used a 1 chip with a kenko and it was really good, those lenses will run you about 40 bux or so depending on where you get it and are definaltly a good choice especially if you plan on upgrading to a 3 chip sometime and are just needing a fisheye to wait it out and not spend 300+ on the century. for the 3 chippers your best bet is the "death lens" century's .3x fisheye for the larger cameras. if you have a vx1k you'll watn the mki, which are about 700+, make sure you get bayonet style tho cuz the mki screw is notoriously sucky. for the vx2k and vx2100 you'll want the mkii, mki int., or a self modded mki, i have mkii and love it, but for those who want the extra width, you may want to mod a mki. the mkii is not as wide as the vx1's mki but it has no vig so if that matters to you you may consider the mkii, the mki int does not ahve vig either, but it is 950 dollars, 250 more than the 700 dollar mkii and is minimally wider, some say it is worth it becasue of the hanus mkii red flares but i disagree, whatever tho, if your loaded get a mki int, if your strapplin get the mkii. but...if you really dont' care to save up that much you can get a raynox mk3000 for around 100+ bux, they are also .3x but not as wide as a mkii and not nearly as wide as a mki, you can widen it tho (check top section about it) and makes it slightly wider than a mkii, but it has vig. this is a great altenative but...you will be losing quality and why lose any quality whatsover with an expensive camera? you shouldn't, some argue its unnoticabel, i disagree, whatever, also make sure you get bayonet in any of these lenses cuz the weight of them can break your cam if you put to much stress on the vx' threads for the hd camera and dvx's its the same deal, mkii from century, just look them up on adorama for any of the (threaded) lenses mentioned above you can buy step up and down rings to make it fit your threads, so a 37mm could fit on a 29 if needed and a 52 on a 46 and so on, they go up or down, sometimes they even make your lens wider givng space between the cam and lens, you can just by spacers for that tho if tis alardy the right size alright, tahts basic, just thought it may help someone out, again, i ahvn't used all those setups and i'm just going off what i belvie i've read so if i made a mistake (or 2, or 3) someone will surely correct them in this tread, enjoy your setup
  22. I just read about this on Cracked yesterday actually, makes some sense psychologically so it might not be complete placebo effect.
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    No Fap February

    lolz good luck all if you claim your going to do it and I find out otherwise I'll be taking points
  24. Of him now? I might just direct him to this thread lol