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  1. Knux

    Fs Stalefish

    Alex Schuurmans - Portland, OR Trying to work on getting used to shooting the Hassy. Absolutely love it but I've already botched a few rolls due to sync issues (X/M, body sync port, etc). This was my first shot that actually came out. Self Crit: -Focus is a bit too far out (you can see the edge of the ramp as sharpest) -Skater gets lost due to shirt color (tried to separate best I could with rim light) -Ramp is kinda hot near bottom
  2. Knux

    Fakie Big And Crook

    Super solid lighting on the 2nd one. Pfft, next you're gonna tell me They're Only Chasing Safety was actually worth listening to or some shit.
  3. Knux

    Nollie Kickflip

    Pretty awesome color, not too shabby on the timing. One thing I would do is step back a bit and try to work on a really solid comp instead of filling the frame with so much of the skater.
  4. Knux

    New Layout

    Get rid of the splash page. Making people click on an image just to get to the content is lame (and bad for search engines, but you prolly don't give a shit about that).
  5. Knux

    Backside Nosecrook

    Tell him to never edit a photo like this again. All this 'bloom' softening never works, even on whispy model shit.
  6. In theory the computer would matter if the font was installed or not. But either way, listen to what he said. Cross browser compatibility is a HUGE hang up in the web design industry, and often you have to hack together a bunch of fixes in code to make things compatible with earlier versions of IE. When you're using text on a site, try to stick to your basic web-safe fonts (Arial, Georgia, Times New Roman, etc) or else you'll have some display issues.
  7. Knux

    Front Board And Crooked Grind

    It's slightly distracting but I actually favor the first one still. It's the depth for me
  8. Drop that goddamn magnetic lasso and do it like a man. Click for Video
  9. Knux

    Skate Shop Nose Slide

    Alright so I'm not too psyched on this shot for a couple reasons, but I'm stuck on what I could have done to try to improve it. For an overall photo it's not too bad but for a skate shot it's lacking. Any ideas on what I could have done different would be appreciated. Click for larger Oh and, it was landed after like 4 rug burns. PS: Bonus hidden lurker
  10. Knux

    Ollie And Boneless

    Take off the screw-on fisheye. It's gonna get you nothing but horrible quality photos, shitty vignettes, and no respect here. Back up and get creative with the composition of your photos instead of worrying about getting close to the action.
  11. Knux

    Portfolio Flow Critique

    Really appreciating the critiques. Since my body is eventually cropped at one point (plus, who really wants to see dude nipples) I decided to just save some filesize and try to make it look like I was behind the white plane the photos are on. Oh shit, thanks man. I've been arguing back and forth with myself because it's cool on most monitors, but some of them it's almost impossible to read. I'll prolly just go with the dark greys whenever possible and give it a little more room to grow.
  12. Knux

    Bs Ollie

    Love so much about this shot man. The shadow that is cast is so sick.
  13. Knux

    Personal Website

    Splash pages are useless these days. All they do is make the user click an extra time to see the content, while also limiting your actual site from getting indexed by google with the same weight. The design itself is simple and functional like you said, but it looks JUST like a simpleviewer default export with a color scheme change. Plus then you're limited on the amount of photos you can see per section. If you wanted to do something unique, maybe make the left column have the ability to scroll while the rest of the content is locked. It'll mimic the look of old school frames but without the awkward page calling. A footer of some sort is always smart to have. If anything just put that it was designed by you so no one thinks you just jacked a WP theme or something.
  14. Knux


    oh SHIT
  15. Knux

    Feeble And Kickflip Front Board

    It's usually hard to shoot in indoor parks so props. Framing in the first is legit.