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  1. All parts are interchangeable between the models but basically the pro ii just seems to have a few more features that make it more easier to function, but I think the main thing that jumps the price is they've replaced some of the metal parts with polycarbonate to make it lighter. Found some details/discussions here: "In a nutshell, the Pro II: 1. Added some reliability and durability factors to the camera 2. Added half shutter speeds to the camera 3. Added a few more warnings and interlocks to the camera 4. Added a frame counter visible when the back is in vertical position 5. Removed a few ounces by replacing some metal parts with polycarbonate in both the camera and the backs." http://photo.net/medium-format-photography-forum/00FHpg
  2. Hey Jordan, happy to hold it for you. I'm moving interstate at the end of the month so if its within the next two weeks that'll be fine. Let me know how that sounds.
  3. Hey team. Selling a Mamiya RZ67 Pro with 110 2.8 Sekor lens. Looking for $350 US dollars (plus shipping). Will also consider trading for a Contax T2. Bought this from Keh about 2-3 years ago and its treated me very finely. Put a roll through the other week to test its still running smoothly and didn't have any issues at all. The only thing to note is a button tab at the bottom of the camera that covers shutter cock gear came a little bit loose at one point so I covered it with tape (did this about 2 years ago and hasn't caused any problems). I'm from Australia so shipping will be a bit higher than normal. If interested I can get a quote on how much it will be.
  4. Lewis.

    Random Photo Discussion

    Just saw your instagram post Kevin, thats a real bummer. Seemed like a nice dude, posts were always positive and with good humour. RIP.
  5. Lewis.

    Random Photo Discussion

    Rodinal Stand 1:100 with Acros 100 is my all time fav combo. 5 Inversions then let it works its magic for 50 minutes.
  6. Lewis.

    Random Photo Discussion

    Cape Light is class.
  7. Lewis.

    Random Photo Discussion

    ^Was in Japan August/September. Such a place, need to make a return. Just got a website up and running and have released a new series with it - http://cargocollective.com/lewisrodan Built it using cargo so if any of you guys are running it too gimme a follow and I'll return one.
  8. Lewis.

    Random Photo Discussion

    Nice dude! Gonna be in Japan for a month a week from now. Will mainly be in Tokyo and Osaka during the time but got a JR pass so will be traveling around. If you'd be keen to link up shoot me a PM.
  9. Lewis.

    Mamiya 7 + 80mm Lens -- Sold

    Ah right, excellent! Well you've got yourself a buyer. I'm located in Australia though so as long as you don't mind shipping here.
  10. Lewis.

    Mamiya 7 + 80mm Lens -- Sold

    Very interested in snatching this up. Just curious about said 'advanced lever wear', is this noticeable mechanically or more so just a cosmetic thing?
  11. Lewis.

    Random Photo Discussion

    Show? I thought it was just a comic book.
  12. Lewis.


    First one is killer dude! Pops out so nicely. Really enjoying your stuff lately.
  13. Lewis.

    Random Photo Discussion

    Love my iphone cam. Curious if anyone's tried to do any printing with them. Developed some tri-x 400 @ 3200 in 1:100 rodinal stand, excited too see results.