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  1. nanarac

    The Official Berrics Thread

    what? you got me and IFILMct mixed up. i've seen a lot of his skating, not workshop though, and i didn't think it was too amazing. he's good though dont get me wrong, i just dont think that's a good match up with him and lizard king.
  2. nanarac

    Iphone 3.0

    probably will cover the new iphone too. is the new iphone still 3g or did they upgrade it to 4g?
  3. nanarac

    The Official Berrics Thread

    that or i just don't care enough to watch it.
  4. nanarac

    The Official Berrics Thread

    i've haven't heard shit about him since his kirchart 4's came out. does he even still ride for emerica?
  5. nanarac

    The Official Berrics Thread

    i dont even understand why mike v. is even in it. i personally dont think he's a good skater. heath kirchart vs. lizard king? lizard king is cool, but not very good, and last time that anyone heard anything of heath kirchart was when the kirchart 4's came out like 5 years. ago. im just disappointed with the match ups. i did text the berrics however when i was checking out the berrics site with the skate shop manager "have an extra game of skate between mike-mo and chris cole." that's what i'd consider a good game.
  6. nanarac

    Opteka "death Lens"?

    glad i got my lens before they shut off the site =)
  7. nanarac

    Iphone 3.0

    i read it was the 17th or the 21st.
  8. the 30gb is partitioned space for the operating system and everything the computer needs to work. the other 290 is unpartitioned space for you to do with what you please.
  9. nanarac

    Macbook Suggestions

    screen size it's noticeable, that .22ghz might now be, but if you can afford it then go for it. the higher the specs it has now, the longer it will be updateable and still have a higher resale value and all of that good stuff.
  10. nanarac

    Build List

    upgrade your processor and motherboard. quadcores are getting a lot cheaper now. the i7's are really good, or if you dont mind AMD the Phenom AM2+. ASUS motherboards are really good as well. you still need an OS. and you might as well as upgrade it to a 64bit OS and upgrade ram to like 6gb's.
  11. nanarac

    What Camera To Get And With What Fisheye!

    nothing beats vx1/mk1. end story. neither of those are close to the $1500 area. vx2/opteka is like 1250 maybe and vx2/raymod is around 1150 opteka is wider with a spacer.
  12. nanarac

    The Official Berrics Thread

    BATB quadrant 1 isn't very good. im quite dissapointed.
  13. nanarac

    Getting An Hv20.

    i dont think your computer will handle it. P4 is pretty slow/old and 2gb's of ram is enough, but still might have trouble. what kind of video card do you have? more specs on your computer would help.