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  1. almostcool231


    this is sick! cant find anything i dont like about this besides that security camera?/ or light hanging down. Wouldnt be a tough fix though. Killer shot man.
  2. almostcool231


    what do i have to do to get some c & c around here?
  3. almostcool231


    jk its skateboarding. just a longboard really lurkin in the one photo. no photoshop so i didnt even attempt to clone it. i find myself repeatedly struggling to get creative shooting park shots mid-day over and over. oh well, the feedback is always appreciated! skater is Justin Felix skater is Kevin Reynolds edit: new flickr is driving me nuts. heres bigger sizes. 1. https://www.flickr.com/photos/larryphotography/13925143773/ 2. https://www.flickr.com/photos/larryphotography/11640639434/
  4. almostcool231

    Slappy Crook

    really sick. loving the 90s style exposures more and more lately. would love to see it in color too. possibly underexposed in the top right near his hand but thats nothing more than adjusting the flash a little bit and pointing it in the right direction.
  5. almostcool231

    Curvy Boardslide

    i like this alot, good timing, good lighting and a good composition. only bone to pick with it is that cause the fisheye it makes it hard to see the curve of the rail. maybe shoot it long lens to show it off more.
  6. almostcool231

    Fs Flip

    why you post here? sell this shit! its perfect!
  7. almostcool231

    Ditch Lyfe

    i think shooting vertical in the first was actually a good idea. allows you to get closer and get more into the trick. also the framing is alot better that way
  8. almostcool231

    12 Years Old & Frank The Dood

    i wanna shoot some street league but tranny is all anyone skate up here. whatever! Young Isaiah. Crail grab. Creek Park. then i got this shot of a rocket crail on the vert wall by frank the dood. this was the land. coupla bonuses as well http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5347/10150664506_ea4f5b62a6_c.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7392/10032889293_9c5dc42f63_c.jpg http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3718/10032770675_d5c8969930_c.jpg bring on the critique!
  9. almostcool231

    Flowershop And Half Moon Bay Diy

    thanks man. ya i still dont have photoshop so my edits are a little rough. heres a lil footy from the day too i put together. [media=edit] [/media]
  10. almostcool231

    Flowershop And Half Moon Bay Diy

    c & c please couple bonos http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3674/9631484653_5609bc27e3_c.jpg http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2823/9631473251_6fb97d2a84_c.jpg
  11. almostcool231

    Boardslide Transfer

    i wish you posted the first one bigger so i could wallpaper that shit! that photo has it all. the only thing i would want is maybe a little more sharpness but the softness almost adds a nostalgic texture to it.
  12. almostcool231

    Ollie And Switch Crook

    first one is straight money but you need to either clean your lens or your sensor.
  13. almostcool231

    Tried To Do A Little Somethin Different

    flowershop has obviously been blowin up like crazy as of late. wanted to shoot it from an angle i hadnt seen yet which is hard cause its small and other reasons... see alot of low almost at the ground fisheye angles. would love the constructive criticism. i know the sky is blown out in the left. still no photoshop so no border option.... :| another diy spot in the area. its a spine and hes coming from the opposite side with a back blunt. annnnddd a bonus on the day: i know its abit blown out too. http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7288/8739436748_d0bfe5b3eb_c.jpg
  14. almostcool231

    Fs Air

    i actually dont mind the lighting if you could fill in the rest of the red fence in the background. the harsh shadows seem like the reason you perceive the quarterpipe unevenly exposed.
  15. almostcool231

    Does This Angle Work?

    got any long lens shots of this? curious how long and tall that rail actually is. sick lookin spot though.