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  1. Front feeble fakie, nollie hardflip, cab backlip, and kickflip noseblunt were all jaw-droppers. Stoked to have gotten some clips in this.
  2. dvdjjl

    Cory Kennedy

    I was watching a few earlier and saw yours. Good job.
  3. Sounds like somebody just watched Enter the Void.
  4. dvdjjl

    New Mexico

    I should point out that Area 51 is in Nevada and the Fresh Prince is both a fighter and lover of alien species.
  5. dvdjjl

    New Mexico

    I'm a little late on this, but go bomb Indian School ditch. If you're skating parks I'd suggest Alamosa, Los Altos, and the new La Cueva park. Watch my videos and if you see a spot you like, let me know. I don't know many spots in Santa Fe other than the high school, which has some good stuff. http://www.youtube.com/user/dvdjjl
  6. Mostly for the sake of new content. Trying to keep updates regular for once
  7. dvdjjl

    Vx1000 Help.

    Here's to hoping it's a viewfinder problem (which is cheap and easy) and not a mainboard fracture (which is expensive and complicated).
  8. dvdjjl


    My mistake. If you come back through and need any info on spots or ditches, hit me up, I've been exploring those northeast ditches for a decade.
  9. dvdjjl

    Jacob Johnson

    That hubba is really chunky too and has a nasty drop on the other side. I think Hoffart lipslid the rail next to it in the Powell video. I'm the dude in the yellow beanie filming the fisheye on that shot (which I thought did the hubba a bit more justice). Thanks everyone for watching, Jake put some sweat and blood into these clips.
  10. dvdjjl

    Early November '10 Tage

    Enjoyed that a lot. Courthouse clips used to be a rare treat, seems like people are killing them lately (not that I've been there or know what I'm talking about). Classy all the way around, maybe a touch of contrast would have made some of the shots pop a bit more, but no real complaints.
  11. dvdjjl


    Good shit all round. I think I might have chilled with you guys in a random ditch in Albuquerque. I'm bad with names, I know Motta was there shredding. Blunt fakie the 'witch's nose' is sick and a stone's throw from my house. Looking forward to this for sure.
  12. dvdjjl

    Raw Minute

    Everything looked pretty crispy, but a little contrast and saturation wouldn't hurt at all.
  13. Drag the work area markers in the timeline so they cover the portion of the clip you need for AE, then export "work area bar" instead of "entire sequence." That will create a file of the area you selected to use in AE. Edit: Or you could always use quictime pro and do about the same thing. Or just drop the whole sequence into a new timeline, cut it down to the part you want, and export the whole sequence. The first is the best/most efficient option though. There could be others I don't know about.
  14. dvdjjl

    Red Chile Tosstage #?

    Thanks. To each his own on music tastes. Anybody else.....