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  1. Random Photo Discussion

    Thanks Kevin. That was such a rad trip. I want to take a trip to vancouver in june!
  2. Random Photo Discussion

    I have no idea what you mean by that.
  3. Random Photo Discussion

    portra 800, portra 1600, and ilford 3200 are what i shoot 99% of the time.
  4. Random Photo Discussion

    I do... its ight. flash sync speed is 1/125 basically because of the way shutter is laid out. I have the 60mm and its ight. not super sharp. fisheye is ok also. Not sure about anything else.
  5. Random Photo Discussion

    Yup. I have a defibrillator on my left side so i can only wear right shoulder messengers/sling bags.
  6. Random Photo Discussion

    Anyone have suggestions for brands/models of messenger bags (no camera insert) that are waterproof? Looking for something lightweight and smaller for travel to stuff a sweater into etc. I have a hadley large without the insert but its a bit large for what I want. Looking at the chrome mini metro lately... thoughts?
  7. Random Photo Discussion

    bout time kevin.... haha. Miss ya pal. 15 new memory sticks coming tomorrow going to illinois and hawaii this winter ya boy made it onto this poster (no big deal) Last year of grad school Things are lookin up ya'll
  8. Random Photo Discussion

    nothing ruins photos like a canon dslr camera strap
  9. Random Photo Discussion

    how much they going for these days? i barely use mine
  10. Random Photo Discussion

    recently my friend got his t2 stolen, $400 refund from insurance, then found a t4 for $5 at goodwill... why cant I be so lucky? congrats drip.
  11. Random Photo Discussion

    As much as I love just looking at gear I stopped paying attention to megapixels about 3 years ago. I have no idea how many megapixels any of my digital cameras are to be honest. I still cant believe fuji is the only company to put optical viewfinders on anything. Still dreaming of an OVF on a p&s that is actually pocketable. Anyways... just finished scanning 13 rolls from home/nyc and about to start going through stuff/uploading. Also just shot 13 rolls on my road trip. damn. to peep the new photos as they go up @chasegrover_ on insta fools
  12. Random Photo Discussion

    Im back from my road trip and this is news to me. Who did I meet in Minneapolis then?? Oh... Hi everyone.
  13. Random Photo Discussion

    Olloclip ordered. Hyped. So starting Monday Ill be posting my roadtrip on IG. Follow it if you arent already. Im going to do my best to make a post every day at least. All quality of course. @chasegrover_
  14. Random Photo Discussion

    get the most beater contax or yashica slr and snag a zeiss lens for it.
  15. Random Photo Discussion

    Is anyone near this route and want to meet up between august 14- 30 (not sure exactly when Ill be each place)