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  1. Garrett

    Point Rating

    At one time he was a good member, for like a week. I think.
  2. Garrett

    Water Logged Boards

    Exactly. I just stomp my messed up boards.
  3. Yeah Seb's stuff is always amazing.
  4. Garrett


    You forgot to wipe the splooge off your lips. But yeah, its a great idea. This may help the random footage section get a little cleaner. And by the way, Deadward... I own you. (evil laugh)
  5. Garrett

    Passing Web Blocks

    north penn sucks. I've already found a way to beat out the attendence system, I might as well figure out how to break all the computer rules too.
  6. Garrett

    "buying" Software

    Thank you, I was contemplating suicide If I saw another "what is the serial for Blah blah" again. We dont need to get anybody into trouble.
  7. Garrett

    Depth Of Field

    Umm, we are? Two periods apart isn't exactly "together". But whatever, Im happy to help if I can answer the question.
  8. Garrett

    Depth Of Field

    you worded it perfectly bazil. thank you. it was very informative.
  9. Garrett

    Pitcrew video

    i thought pitcrew was western PA, I heard it was good.... the team is sick too.
  10. Garrett


    i couldn't agree more. its too bad they don't devolope a surplus and sell the products for $17.
  11. Garrett

    Khoi Footage

    I already said I wasn't filming haha.
  12. Garrett

    Khoi Footage

    for those who were expecting great footage... I'm sorry. It was a post because I had nothing better to do.
  13. Garrett

    Khoi Footage

    the humming noise was the factory behind us... some machine or something... its in an industrial park.
  14. Garrett

    Khoi Footage

    i dont know, whats up with candians and playing hockey and whats up with americans being fat stupid and lazy.
  15. Garrett

    Khoi Footage

    a couple things to go over... 1. Asians DO own at skateboarding. 2. I think he's vietimese. 3.Its not my LENS (notice the spelling).. haha 4.Varial Kickflips are nearly impossible once you have learned 360 flips.