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  1. Alright so I just bought a piece of shit Acer laptop for real cheap. It came with Windows 7 Home Premium installed. And as usual it had tons of garbage pre-installed software so I reinstalled the entire OS to get rid of it all, I have a separate home premium CD that I am thinking about using to install windows on my mac with bootcamp and then using serial number from the Acer to activate it. How can I find out the limit of how many time I can use this serial to install windows on a few other machines? Hope that made sense.
  2. dullo

    Mac Got Hacked?

    Jesus christ, the asshole bandwagon sure does pick up speed pretty quickly here. Are you sure you just didn't clear your internet history? That's why all your usernames and passwords that previously showed up aren't there anymore? I doubt that you've really been "legit hacked".
  3. dullo

    Video Editing Software

    It isn't going to be a file made to run on ubuntu. You'll need to download the .iso of Windows 7 then burn it to a disc and install it like you would any other operating system.
  4. dullo


    or you just go to forums.skateperception.com to begin with
  5. surely http://missnysha.deviantart.com/art/Bamboo-Zen-65293338
  6. dullo

    Youtube Audio Echo

    Ok, so it seems like no one has any idea what the hell I am talking about (I do admit it is pretty confusing). So I guess this is a better way to try and fix it. I have the most recent version of flash player and when I use firefox it shows i am using the flash plugin. However on safari when I look at my plugins it just says I have 10.0.45 Why isn't safari recognizing the most recent version of flash player I have installed like firefox does? Anyone know how can I update safari's plugin as well?
  7. Ok so recently whenever I try to watch a youtube video in safari the video will play but I will hear an echo with its audio. It's like there are two videos playing with the second one just a few seconds behind, Because when I click pause I can still hear the audio (but no echo this time because the first video with its audio is paused) I know it sounds kinda confusing but is anyone else having this problem? Like I said, it just recently started happening for me.
  8. So would I still be able to download Vista from an MS repository? and use the serial on the bottom of my dads laptop. edit: didn't even see what you posted before, you think his serial is only a one time use?
  9. Ok so I have a macbook and unfortunately I still have some applications that I want to run natively in Windows. And what's really unfortunate is that windows 7 starts at 200 dollars. However. My dad has an HP laptop that runs vista, it didn't come with a recovery disk with windows but it has a separate partition called HP_RECOVERY. Is there a way I can create a Vista installation disk from that partition? So I can install it with bootcamp on my macbook, saving me 200 bucks.
  10. eh, I guess you're right. If it overheats apple will handle it (at least for the first year)
  11. yeah I was reading some stuff off google about that. I think it was called "clamshell" mode. I have an external mouse and keyboard so that's no problem but keeping the lid closed constantly and using it I'm worried about overheating.
  12. Ok so. I have the newest macbook (not pro. just the newest model of the white macbook.) running the latest version of snow leopard of course. And I have this dell monitor I want to use as the display for the macbook. When I connect it though it just sets up as a dual monitor setup. But I don't want that. Is there a way I can disable the macbooks screen completely and use my dell monitor as a single display when I connect my macbook to it. I've looked in the system preferences and couldn't find anything. Any help? Thanks