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  1. Joope

    Advice On A 3ccd Cam

    The truth!
  2. Joope

    Post Yourself Shooting

    OMG! You guys taking it to seriously.
  3. Joope

    Skateperception Awards

    how can i sleep after those faces
  4. Joope

    Why The Vx?

    HEY man! Im just gonna say that, dont come here to tell skateboard filmers how shitty their cameras are :goldenwub: . They're just doing the same as everyone else does, they have no idea about any cameras,(just get that skateboardcamera with the deathlense)you gotta understand that snowboard filming is a whole different thing. This skateboard thing is something different, those dudes just want to see the tricks and thats it.
  5. Joope

    Best On Cam Light For A Gs320

    This is filmed with nv-gs140 and the Sony 10/20 with both lamps on so i think 40 or 50 wats is enough. Even tought I'm satisfied to the sony also,the night footy is gonna look always so terrible.
  6. Joope

    New Lighting Forum

    I wonder when are we, the video filmers starting to use lights on daytime. Just like the photographers always do. I'd like to see how that looks. Must be so cool when you know how to do it, or maybe its just not that special in a moving picture.
  7. Joope

    Got Any Good Gs Footy?

    No risks 10 and HELICOPTERSPIN tricktip enjoy oh yeah: nv-gs140 and babydeath
  8. Joope

    Post Your Setup!

    Some new paper to write on while filming. So stoked!
  9. Joope

    Why Not Hd

    Why not HD? Well I want a hella big camera so everyone can see that im dedicated so im buying a DVX,if i'll get a hella big HD camera, the prize would be doubled plus the fisheye. So YES hd is good and i want one,and vx is OOOLD. THe people who say vx is cool just have wachted too much skatevids and should be looking something else videos than skateboarding.
  10. Joope

    Good Filmer Board

    I've already got these HUGE wheels wich are soft but they wight a ton and i hate to carry that board around(no car). SOOOoooo.. I thought that if i would cut the wheels in half. I mean like not a half cirlce wheel but a half thinner wheel,that would make the wheel more lighter(not a cigarette- hehehehehehehe)but maybe more loud?? i dont know what do you think ehheh Å
  11. Joope

    How Did You Get Into Filming?

    Haha same with me :goldenwub:
  12. Joope

    Eazy Dolly

    What about if you put the dollytracks on snow or grass?,i have a 2 inches high(5cm)dolly track on my own and i have to cut every single little grass that gets the to the way of the camerasled, if some little stuff gets between the pipe and the wheel, you can see it from the result. So what about that on the eazydolly?
  13. Joope

    Mint Mk1 For Sale

    I bought sam's babydeath last year, it came to finland as planned and everything went as planned so this is no scam :angry:. The babydeath was in perfect condition and came with the box and everything!
  14. Joope

    What Do You Hate Most About Filming?

    I got so mad about a month ago. A couple of my friends actually yelled at me because of failing the shot, and he just happened to land it on that try EVEN if my friend got in on another camera but it blurred only a little after the landing. Had a terrible feeling about that.
  15. Joope

    Post Your Setup Discussion Thread

    GL2FilmerGuy are those lights for filming of photography ?!!