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  1. clancy52206

    Fs: Iphone 4 & Ipod Nano

    I am nearly positive Verizon doesn't do that, I searched it and found nothing suggesting that that would happen.
  2. clancy52206

    Fs: Iphone 4 & Ipod Nano

    Hello guys. My name is Mike and my friend Brian gave me permission to use his account to sell my friend Keith's iphone and ipod nano. I live in Kings Park, NY. Keith got a 16gb verizon iphone 4 around the time of its release and lost it within a few months. Luckily he got some insurance plan with it where if you lose it you can get a new one from verizon or apple (not exactly sure) for like $100-$150 and he did that. Maybe 6 months later his girlfriend's mom found his original iphone in one of their couch cushions. Since then he's kept it in a droor in his room. It works perfectly and is in like-new condition. The only flaw is a few scratches on the back. message me an offer iPod Nano 16gb 5th Gen. Keith's girlfriend gave this to him maybe 2 years ago and he barely used it and it's been sitting in the same droor in his room with the iPhone for months. $125 shipped
  3. clancy52206

    A Trip To Ithaca, Ny

    Great video! shots were beautiful.
  4. clancy52206

    Abandoned Psychiatric Center

  5. clancy52206

    Abandoned Psychiatric Center

    pretty much the same thing but without him, for some reason the one i shot with him stood out to me and i liked that one more, it almost seems to empty, like theres no subject
  6. clancy52206

    Abandoned Psychiatric Center

    i have this whole 1 year probation type deal going on with the state meaning i can't get arrested or anything of that nature, so in october when it's up i probably will, but not taking that chance at the moment.
  7. clancy52206


    looks straight to me, may be that the angle that throws it off, second one is great, colors are enjoyable.
  8. clancy52206

    Island Eleven T-shirts

    awesome, thanks!
  9. clancy52206

    Island Eleven T-shirts

    shirts we (me and scottp014) are possibly looking to get printed, comments and critique ALSO if anyone has any details on a good online printer to go through or any tips or tricks to keep the prices down, that would be greatly appreciated!
  10. clancy52206

    Island Eleven

    2 logo ideas and a possible shirt idea, comments and critiques please! want to know what I can do to improve these
  11. clancy52206


    I'm heading to Paris for a couple of days during my spring break. I won't be doing to much skating, but want the opportunity to hit up some spots. Does anyone know of any spots located near the Eiffel Tower ideally. On a side note if anyone has directions or the location of Bercy, that would be awesome. Thanks!
  12. clancy52206

    Nighttime Nyc

    that was dope, boardslide at the end was sick.
  13. clancy52206

    The Man Has Balls

    there's one of those at the whythe street ledge across form kcdc in williamsburg too, i though it was strange seeing a random space invader above a door way