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  1. Yeah and I was a god around here.
  3. chris who?


    Kanye West is seriously in no way the like those. I really don't mean this in a controversial way but it seriously so far off. Like insanely far away from eachother. To me and and any other hip hop fan that's like saying One Direction and Metalica are pretty much the same.
  4. chris who?


    Lol I just laughed at my phone at the names you listed. If when you think of "rap" those are the types of names that come to mind then you're really not equipped to discuss it. I'm not hating at all I'm just saying you don't really know enough to say something like that. That'd be like I'd I said "I fucking hate any type of rock (matchbox 20, train, etc)"
  5. All of my identification, Kroger card, and cash secured safely in a leather wallet a make her dance
  6. chris who?

    Dexter's Final Season

    I watched up to like the 5th season and in my opinion it had already over stayed its welcome then. The first 4 seasons were pretty much inarguably really really good tho.
  7. There's a size conversion from Aus shirts to US sizes. What's a large size t shirt here is gona be about like a medium over there Barney. Your large is like our XL or so. The first time I wen to aus I blindly bought nearly 200 dollars in clothes not knowing this. Luckily it's not too far off from eqchother tho.
  8. Would their reproductive organs be like ours? If not, how far off?
  9. chris who?

    Killa Kyleon

    He's been around a pretty long time. Never really gets much attention tho.
  10. chris who?


    Late Registraion has always been my favorite album of his... But fantasy is prolly my second favorite.
  11. chris who?


    They did the prjections in my city last night but I'm out of town. Was kinda bummed. Also I've been reading a lot if write ups about how he brought in Rick Rubin to give a "minimalist "approach to the production but I'm not getting that impression now that I listen l the album. It's still impressive tho. With Kanye West you're either gona be the person who thinks he's some auto tune using douchebag or you're gona accept him for the cultural icon and genius he is. There's not really any middle ground it seems.
  12. chris who?

    Help With Company Name

    The Hi Lyfe
  13. chris who?


  14. I'm not hating on any of your opinions. Even if I don't agree or someone's opinion on something is completely insane that's still their opinion and there's nothing wrong with that. The issue I have with you that's unforgivable and I'm unable to ignore is you saying you KNOW and it's FACT. For anybody to say "I know" or "it's a fact" I stead of "my opinion" or "what I think" or something is just the complete embodiment of ignorance in my opinion and is the sign of a hopeless human being.