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  1. Looking to sell my kit and just seeing if there is any interest here before I go the ebay route. It's in perfect working condition and I still have the original boxes and everything. Can post pictures later tonight when I get home.
  2. Jeff713

    Bronica 35mm Fisheye

    bump for pics added.
  3. EDIT: added a couple of pics. Pretty much anyone on here can vouch for me, and quite a few have seen this lens in person. I know Sam, Ryan, Jordan have all seen it in person. Great condition, has the case and all that stuff. Make me an offer, I just don't use it enough these days to justify having it. It needs a new home!
  4. Jeff713


    Shot a series of instruments in this way for our offices. 16x20 prints came out nice.
  5. Jeff713

    Annoying Or What?

    Why do you need a shot of the make if you have a good shot before he makes it. For instance say my friend is trying to 5050 a 20 stair hubba, there is probably not going to be any difference photographically between a make and one that he is grinding to the bottom and just can't come out right. Should I continue to shoot even if it might take him 2 hours and its costing me on average about $2 per frame to shoot it...
  6. Jeff713

    Annoying Or What?

    I agree 100% with Sam. All the people I shoot know how things work and if I get a good shot before they land it they are hyped. It's a huge motivator for them to see a sick photo. Like just last weekend my friend was scared to blunt this rail and I showed him what it would look like when I took a test shot of him standing next to it and it got him hyped enough to try it, and he landed it to. Plus noone is taking it personally when I stop shooting they all totally understand how much shooting MF cost and they get super excited when I use it cause it kinda validates that the trick they are doing worthy. There is no "lack of respect" in it. If it makes you feel better to only use shots of the actual make that's fine, but its not really the standard for any skate photographer. Also when I get my good shot and they haven't made it, it gives the filmer the chance to get the angle he wants without worrying about me. Like a lot of times if we are both shooting fish, the filmer wants to get a lot closer than I can let him so once I get my shot he can film how he wants.
  7. Jeff713

    Photo Submissions

    Probably not. In my experience they like to only cover their small regions.
  8. Jeff713

    Gap Lip And Noseblunt

    Lip was shot probably 4 months ago and sat in my fridge before finally getting mailed to the lab. Don't really shoot too much at the moment, but the noseblunt is new.
  9. Jeff713

    Picture Of Skateboard Trick

    I actually really enjoy the composition on this Kyle. It just feels right.
  10. Jeff713

    Fakie Stalefish

    I'm surprised people on here have never seen a burned negative/slide shot before. I have seen some good burned negative/slide shots posted on here in the last few years, I wanna say Henne had a sick one. I like it Sam, it gives some extra character to a park shot with lurkers, this is exactly the type of shot you want to play around with.
  11. Jeff713

    What Did You Get For Christmas?

    Holler at me when you get here.
  12. Jeff713

    What Did You Get For Christmas?

    Slippers, chickfila calender, macy's gift card and my parents are gonna buy me a round trip plane ticket next time I want to go somewhere!
  13. Jeff713

    My Pal Sam

    Sam is sexy as hell.
  14. Jeff713

    So I've Been Thinking...

    Advice: Do graphic design. The opportunities are a lot more open for graphic design, and if you know photography its a plus. As far as photography goes, digital pretty much owns every facet of the industry at this point already and come a few years from now it will probably be all digital. Hell we all know GQ has done a few covers with stills from Redcams, so if you really want to be a step ahead of the game get good with hot lights and filming if you know what I'm saying.
  15. Jeff713

    Canon 20d Pros And Cons.

    20d + Search forum = answers