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  1. I'm very sorry but I think I would rather not. Because of the warranty, just in case something does malfunction on the camera, dealing with shipping prices back and forth is going to be expensive and a headache.
  2. hmmm... I got 2 Chrome FE2's here... I just need to get them fixed and they will be ready for sale. They are in BGN shape and will probably be 135 shipped body only. Detailed pictures. and a 6 month warranty just like the rest of my stuff. P.S. : KEH's standard warranty for used equipment is only 60 days. And they sell the FE2 Chrome [bGN] for 159+ship. And they also dont offer pictures of the actual item you are going to receive. Let me know if you're interested.
  3. 115 for an EX body 100 for a BGN body They still carry the 6 month warranty with them when you buy it. (only mechanical/normal use... not covered if u throw it out of the car window lol)
  4. BUMP Sorry for the immense delay in getting photos up, i finally got my digi setup.... anyways, PHOTOS ARE UP. Ive also increased the warranty to 6 MONTHS!!! Because I'm sure these cameras will last you for many years to come, so prices have risen a little bit accordingly.
  5. Item sold mod can delete
  6. done deal then... pending with Gonzales for 450.
  7. So, I'm ready to sell this damn thang. Gonz and Joey both askin 450 shipped. I get back in town Monday night. If nobody offers up more by then, its a done deal. Now, between the two of you, idk who I get to choose lol.
  8. well if its not fuckin perfect then send it back. I told you I took it to a professional and it wont do anything to your image. coating doesnt really matter, not only that, its off the frame no matter what camera you use. Century Optics is high quality shit. They wouldnt have put this lens on the market if they knew this was an issue. Either you buy it or you dont. simple. can you even see what im talking about in the pictures? its on the far right side of the last picture.
  9. I have no footage, but I should not need to provide it because theres no scratches or blemishes you would be looking for.. it will give you a perfect image. However, if what your saying is, that you dont know what the footage this lens produces looks like; go do your research and come back. I bought the thing thinking it had a Vx1 bayo on it and it came screw mount. And it was shipped from Germany so I didnt want to waste my money sending it back. I didn't get a chance to use it, nor do I have a camera which it would look good on.
  10. If I still have it in two weeks you're more than welcome to grab it.
  11. Danum

    Vx2 Package

    Lmfao! dude that lens is wrecked