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  1. Got my hands on a MBSB (V2) for BMPCC used the Peleng 8mm Nikon mount 1st picture is no adapter around 24mm 2nd picture added adapter and around 16mm This thing is amazing!! http://imgur.com/20pVoEd http://imgur.com/KIPLhcL http://imgur.com/nWIjv2g
  2. Cool thanks for the tips, yeah just wanted to put it on a canon crop, nothing crazy like a c300 or anything just wanted to find out if the hotshoe could support the hit of a skateboard.
  3. hello does anything think that buying this handle would be a smart choice for skateboarding? http://shop.genustech.tv/collections/canon-c100-c300-c500-accessories/products/c300-handle i mean if one hit to the cameras top area it could rip off the hot shoe mount on the canon DSLR cameras? 550D 5D etc etc what are you thoughts..
  4. Please click here to download Chaiyo for free: preduce.com/media_vdo.aspx?id=255 or streaming on vimeo https://vimeo.com/39092253 "Chaiyo" is the third full-length video by Preduce skateboards out of Thailand. It features full parts from the entire Preduce team skating in Thailand, China, USA and other locations around the world. Featuring: Geng Jakkarin Tao Kitpullap Ryan Sripaesatja with Peter Petcharattana and Bomb Chatchai Kyle Brown Leo Anzevui Lert Saeri Directed by Op Sudasna Filmed by Patrik Wallner
  5. deathlenz

    Thailand Skate Clip

    Hey man thanks for the constructive criticism yeah your right it was done in FCPX really fast workflow but still buggy as hell with the fake super 8 and grains its not all fake.. i used most of the overlays and film burns from http://cinegrain.com/ There work is amazing!! i wish there was more of a story too, was hard to go out and film everyday plus finding spots that are not 100% under water is hard
  6. deathlenz

    Thailand Skate Clip

    Hey guys check out a new clip that we made around the same time as the not so great Flood Crisis in Thailand
  7. deathlenz

    Micro 4/3 Discussion Thread

    what fisheye is on the AF100 ?
  8. deathlenz

    The D-slr Netjiot.

    thanks, when i put then HD clip it cut off the sides so is its better to leave it or make it letter box style ?
  9. deathlenz

    Hd Sp Montage: Submissions

    How will 25fps look with a extra 5 frames added in the conforming proress? lots of ghosting ?
  10. deathlenz

    The D-slr Netjiot.

    hey guys i got a question about mixing HD and SD footage shot a intro with a canon 7D in 720p and the whole skate part is in NTSC 4:3 how to mix the HD & SD footage in FCP timeline ? should i make the timeline 4:3 and drag the 720p clip into the 4:3 SEQ the scale footage or is there a better way...
  11. deathlenz

    Micro 4/3 Discussion Thread

    could be with the GH3
  12. deathlenz

    Micro 4/3 Discussion Thread

    http://www.zeroplusplus.com/updated-42-mbp...ions/#more-1599 Don't Follow the tut just showing where to tick and dont foget to change the version increment from 1 to 10
  13. deathlenz

    Micro 4/3 Discussion Thread

    http://vimeo.com/32575485 the 7.5 looks so damn wide!
  14. deathlenz

    Questions: Fps/resolution/post

    Have a look at this clip to do the Cinema Tools way in PPRO, this is for PAL footage so don't follow the frame rates, and hope you understand his accent
  15. deathlenz

    Peleng 8mm Smashed!

    just pointing out how good this lens is move the topic if you want to somewhere else